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Uterine fibroids treatment in clinics of Sofia

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Among the benign tumors of the female organs leads uterine fibroids. Less than 1% occur in women under 20 years, the main contingent - 32-33 years. In different regions of the planet myoma of the uterus is between 12 and 25% of all gynecological ailments.

the Perfidy of uterine fibroids is that it starts stealthily, asymptomatic. However, tumors often themselves "lead". When fibroids or their number become larger, then start the complaints of too heavy periods, pain and heaviness in the lower abdomen. To the gynecologist it is necessary just the same to run, and the word "tumor" should spur you.

fibroids in the uterus treated by surgical or produce only the cutting of nodes is done either hysterectomy the uterus is removed.

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Already more than 2 years Professor Ebert is no longer the head of the Department of gynecology in the hospitals Vivantes, now he is only a private practitioner. These two years he is observed me, but I'm satisfied, unfortunately, not by all.
Revealed a uterine myoma, then was operated in the best Moscow clinics. Said that the surgery went well and was discharged home. But pain after the operation were not and I decided to take the examination at Fortis La Femme, Delhi, in India, since I lived there sister and she highly recommended me this center. When I arrived, I was literally the plane was taken there because I am in pain doubled over. It turned out that Moscow doctors gave me a staph infection in the uterus during the surgery and I still have a month treated in Fortis to save my uterus. Here are our wonderful doctors!
After the medical center Gachon gynecological surgery (very successful!), I find it difficult to understand why people are having financial possibilities, do not go for treatment abroad. Even Korean medicine has moved far ahead from ours, and there is still Germany, Israel... so I: set a goal to be healthy and go for it. Against all borders, visas and sanctions. The Docklands – a special thanks.
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