Treatment of diseases of ENT organs treatment in city Sofia
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Treatment of diseases of ENT organs treatment in clinics of Sofia

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Treatment of diseases of ENT organs is a widespread manipulation, aimed at combating diseases of ears, throat and nasopharynx. According to statistics, from the pathologies of these organs are affected 85 % of the inhabitants of our planet. Every ailment requires competent treatment and a professional diagnosis.

Suffer from chronic pain in the throat? Often unpleasant feelings are supplemented by congestion in the ears and nose? This indicates that you require emergency treatment of diseases of ENT organs. To receive skilled assistance, you should contact the professionals.

Treatment of diseases of ENT organs is a complex drug, hardware, physiotherapy and surgical techniques aimed at removing the pathology and restoring the normal functioning of the affected areas. recommends that doctors and technology are recognized as the best in the world.

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We went to Professor Shearsmith with the child when orthopedic surgeon at 3 months revealed some deformity of the femur bones and joints. Wife very worried, so I decided to consult in Germany. After the consultation, the child was examined, the results of Dr. Klaus searched said that the pathology can be corrected. Gave recommendations, which we carry out and in six months go back for a visit.
When after many attempts my son-in-law finally had a child, my first grandchild, I was very happy. Of course,when he revealed abnormalities of the intestine, I decided to provide treatment at the highest level. Along with son are looking for information on the Internet, read the reviews, thinking where to go. Probably a crucial role in the choice was the fact that Klaus searched has extensive experience in conducting surgical operations in children, including those with congenital abnormalities of the intestine. In General, we decided to go to Germany, agreed to the consultation, all have got to organize very quickly. We loved Professor searched, such a friendly and calm person, inspires confidence that all will be well. The survey started on the same day, the operation was scheduled through the day to have time to prepare your child. About the surgery: I was very pleased, I've done endoscopically, i.e. through a small incision. Of course, the size of the scar — not important, but the smaller it is, the better. I was worried about the anesthesia, in my youth I did, as I came out of it — it was a nightmare. But there were used modern drugs, so the anesthesia is also no problem. At the hospital, the daughter-in-law, my grandson and stayed a week, my son lived in an apartment near the clinic, this option is for relatives. After discharge, stayed in Germany for another couple of days, I wanted to be sure that the grandson will normally take flight. Now, after 2 months, we can say with confidence that the operation was successful. All the problems are gone, and the grandson looks perfectly healthy.
Boris I.
Addressed to Asklepios hospital with my son after childbirth in Russia could not make a diagnosis. The child is not developed, and any obvious symptoms were not. Friends advised to consult in Germany, as they themselves have been treated before in Asklepios. The survey had identified some rare mitochondrial disease, the prescribed treatment. Well, there is the opportunity to receive quality medical care in a European clinic for a reasonable price. 
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