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Bursitis (inflammation of the joint capsule) inflammation in the mucous bags of the joints. Often found in young men and middle-aged (20-35 years), distributed among the total population 2-2,5%.

Bursitis affects mainly the elbow and shoulder joints. In women covers the knees, ankle and heel. Is acute and painful, is expressed in visible swelling of the tissues around the joint, severe pain, restriction of mobility. The exudate that accumulates in the articular capsule, may be purulent, serous, fibrous and hemorrhagic.

Bursitis in the acute period is subjected to conservative therapy. In severe purulent forms of the disease surgery is required.

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After a bad workout before the championship on Greco-Roman wrestling I injured my knee. Thought, Yes, okay, the doctors know their stuff! Do the surgery, I'll fix it and everything will be like new. But the reality was not so simple. I had several unsuccessful operations and in the end, he said, that will require a full knee replacement, and this operation (in my case) is done with just a few specialists, and one of them is in the Clinic of traumatology orthopedics and sports medicine Bonn. We immediately went here! Fortunately, I had insurance and it covered part of the cost of treatment. I had surgery, replaced the joint on ceramic (durable and sophisticated design). After a few months of rehab, it became much easier to move around. My doctor from the clinic even promised that I will be able to return to sports after six months. I am very glad that there are specialists that give your feet a second life!
With six years of playing ice hockey and a year ago, old injuries made themselves felt. At first did not attach much importance, but the practice has damaged the meniscus in his knee. The team was advised to go to the clinic, "Bonn" as they themselves treated the same problem. After meeting with the doctor there were only positive emotions, very clearly and lucidly explained to me the operation and rehabilitation. And currently, the injury makes itself felt.
Addressed to Maciej Celaru with osteoarthritis and received a full examination a treatment plan. I made the most sparing use of modern techniques that are not used in Russia. I was advised to be treated in Poland many of his friends and they, too, were satisfied.
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