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General information

The foreign cardiological centers accept foreign patients with diseases of heart and blood system of any complexity. In the largest clinics the leading cardiologists, cardiosurgeons, therapists, diagnosticians and doctors of adjacent areas are engaged in treatment.

Advantages of medical treatment abroad

The main feature of cardiology abroad providing according to experts, the maximum effect even in difficult cases - the integrated approach to inspection directed to confirmation or a denial of the diagnosis made early. For diagnostics MRI and PET, holterovsky monitoring, a katerization, a doppler and EhoKG, a X-ray and an angiography, radio isotropic technologies, innovative load and laboratory tests are used.

Cardiology abroad: features of treatment and diagnostics

The differentiated methods of drug and surgical treatment of a heart attack, stenosis, arrhythmia, tumors, aneurism and other diseases of cardiovascular system in the foreign centers of cardiology, as a rule, include:

  • angioplasty;
  • steniration;
  • aortocoronary shunting;
  • skin closing of an ear of the left auricle;
  • implantation of peysmaker;
  • radio-frequency abilyation;
  • plasticity and replacement of vessels and valves;
  • heart transplantation;
  • removal of tumors.
We found 167 clinics specialized in cardiology and a heart surgery with cumulative rating
Clinical hospital №85 of FMBA of Russia
Clinical hospital №85 of FMBA of Russia is a modern medical institution providing patient services such as: diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation, and preventive medicine.
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+7 499 348 2738 (free)
English speaking staff
National medical surgical center named after N. And. Pirogov
National medical surgical center named after N. And. Pirogov is considered a leading diversified medical institution of Russia. Medical center has been operating for over one hundred years, has its own Museum in St. Peterburge, a rich history and ...
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+7 499 348 2738 (free)
English speaking staff
Heidelberg University hospital
One of the oldest medical institutions in Germany. specializing for the treatment of cancer and cardiovascular diseases, as well as a leader in the field of neuroscience, transplantation, genetics, and treatment of infectious diseases.
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+7 499 348 2738 (free)
English speaking staff
The clinic is certified by:ISO - leading certification platform of medical facilities involved in medical tourism and tourism medicine
Clinic "K+31"
Major medical centers providing outpatient and inpatient services.
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+7 499 348 2738 (free)
English speaking staff
Clinical hospital on Yauza
A multidisciplinary center with a hospital, ambulance and genetic laboratory. The clinic is an active research activity.
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+7 499 348 2738 (free)
English speaking staff
Medical Diagnostic Center (MDC) PATERO CLINICS
The clinic provides services focusing on European quality standards and using state of the art medical technology.
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+7 499 348 2738 (free)
English speaking staff
The clinic is certified by:Joint Commission International (JCI) is the biggest and most well-known hospital accreditation provider on the international market
Bangkok Hospita
One of the largest hospitals in Thailand, the quality of services provided at the clinic complies with the most stringent international standards.
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+7 499 348 2738 (free)
English speaking staff
Medical rehabilitation center of the Ministry of health (LRC)
Medical rehabilitation center — one of the first medical institutions in Russia, which introduced the European standards in health care: proactive diagnosis and modern gentle treatment, rehabilitation for a speedy return to a normal quality of life.
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+7 499 348 2738 (free)
English speaking staff
It so happened that for the first time in 65 years had to go abroad, the children insisted to treat my ischemia in Germany. They are now the people of the world, accustomed to fly wherever you want. Not that we old people. Impressed by the level of medicine from the Germans. I treated Dr. Beiersdorf – be attentive, not in a hurry, explains everything. It is not our grabbers (typo, but I'll leave) in heaven, which to the patient way too busy. Over the last month many have begun to understand German, in school I learned once. In General, satisfied. The kids say – get well, going to see the Emirates. A long time dream.
My childhood was heart problems (intermittent pain). At first it was blamed on puberty, vegetative-vascular dystonia, but by 30 I began to feel that it is time for all age-related changes to end. Only in the clinic “Vivantes” I was able to make a diagnosis. Maybe it's the equipment, which is not in Russia, may be, in respect of doctors. Now I get treated in Germany, and finally start to forget about “heart” problems.
I had a particular case of atrial fibrillation, but required surgery to repair the mitral valve. Needed an anesthesiologist, as anesthesia depended on the success of the operation. Through the portal I found a first-class specialist Ciruit Mukherjee from the clinic for cardiac surgery Karlsruhe. Two months ago, I made the intervention and the surgery was successful without any mishap. Thank you to the staff and doctors separately! Recovery period I also held in this clinic and I really liked it. Thank you.
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The best doctors
Doctor  Gideon Uretski Gideon Uretski

Head of the Department of Cardiac Surgery of the state of Israel's largest hospital, specializes in the surgical treatment of cardiac conditions, cardio-thoracic surgery, minimally invasive aortic valve replacement, mitral valve surgery.

Doctor  Gadi Keren Gadi Keren

Head of Cardiology Department, specializes in the treatment of heart failure, stent and hemodynamics, noninvasive intraskopii vessels and the heart, echocardiography.

Doctor  David Luria David Luria

He is medical director and co-founder of Medical Center. Chaim Sheba, the experience of 25 years, including 2 years of experience at the Mayo Clinic in the US state of Maine.

Doctor  Ditrikh Andersen Ditrikh Andersen

Head of the Department of Cardiology and Conservative Intensive Care

Doctor  Mechislav Kopach Mechislav Kopach

The professor, a specialist in matters of internal medicine and cardiovascular diseases

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