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I had before the surgery is rather straight and narrow nose, no bump, and wanted to slightly adjust the wings of the nose. Very afraid of interference and would only trust a good specialist who knows his business, and I've seen enough of how the...
Natalia, 32 years
Leading clinics in Bad Wildungen
The clinic is certified by:ISO - leading certification platform of medical facilities involved in medical tourism and tourism medicine
Clinic Werner Vickery
The clinic offers a huge range of surgical and conservative treatment of the spine, ranging from a special therapy against back pain to complex reconstruction of deformed or incorrect spine.
Main branches:
Orthopedics , Traumatology
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+7 499 348 2738 (free)
English speaking staff
Fortis Hospital Noida
Academic hospital of the University of Marburg named Philip. Due to the wide range of treatment of diseases and modern medical equipment the clinic has a good reputation not only in Germany but also in Europe.
Contact clinic
+7 499 348 2738 (free)
English speaking staff
The best doctors of Bad Wildungen
Doctor  Oliver Mayer Oliver Mayer

Qualified orthopedics and traumatology, headed by Department of scoliosis and spine surgery.

Doctor  Kristian Pilkan Kristian Pilkan

An outstanding orthopedic, head of department of orthopedics and traumatology.

Doctor  Karl-Raynkhold Brater Karl-Raynkhold Brater

He specializes in the implementation of many health functions and tasks, from simple to complex anesthesia anesthesia, pain therapy, intensive care and emergency medicine.

Doctor  Kham Mokhszen Kham Mokhszen

He specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of patients with vascular disease.

Doctor  Aggi Neymann-Shibener Aggi Neymann-Shibener

A A leading specialist pulmonologist, he specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of lung diseases.

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