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General information

Phlebology is engaged in diagnostics and treatment of diseases of veins. Most often the varicose veins of veins of the lower extremities for which treatment various techniques which are mainly relating to microsurgery are developed meet. Other widespread disease of veins is the thrombophlebitis representing a vein wall inflammation with formation of blood clot which can close its gleam completely.

Features of Phlebology abroad

Phlebology abroad uses all latest developments of world medicine therefore surgeries are carried out through the minimum access, and in some cases they manage to be avoided at all. At varicose veins use sclerotherapy - introduction to a gleam of veins of the substance which is sticking together their walls. At thrombophlebitises and thromboses should be injected the thrombolytic, absorbable blood clot and fighting against an inflammation is entered into veins.

Advantages of medical treatment abroad

Exactly thanks to emphasis on atraumatic approach to treatment of diseases of veins foreign Phlebologyflebologiya is so popular with patients from the different countries.

You can call to +7 499 348 2738 or The medical consultant will tell about all aspects of treatment in Germany .
Доктор Фридельманн Шад лечил меня от рака желудка, который у меня выявили совершенно неожиданно, можно сказать случайно 3 года назад. Я была в таком шоке, что начала готовиться к смерти. Родители помогли организовать лечение в Германии у доктора...
Лариса К., 29 years
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