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Seniority 37 years , Doctor of Medicine, Professor ☺ reviews $ Prices for treatments and diagnostics
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Bettina Shmits

Doctor of Medicine, Professor
58 years / Seniority 37 years
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Our company is the official representative of the doctor Bettina Shmits worldwide
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Head of the Department of Neurology.

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Bettina Schmitz - this is a great specialist neurologist, a renowned scholar and thoughtful researcher. A woman has the status of professor. Today, working in a network of clinics of international importance "Vivantes", head of the department of neurology at the hospital Humboldt. Is a member of several international and German expert advice, has a number of major studies and a large number of publications.

She studied at the Humboldt University. Then he trained in London. In 1997, well-defended thesis, in 2005 became a professor of neurology. Dr. Schmitz diagnoses and treats epilepsy and paroxysms neelipticheskogo nature. Also involved in the study and treatment of migraine, Parkinson's disease, various sleep disorders, radiculopathy, multiple sclerosis, dementia and stroke.

Bettina Schmitz is an excellent diagnostician and is based on their extensive knowledge, intuition and experience. it uses gammatografii methods, vascular sonography, angiography, electroneurogram, video monitoring, neuropsychology, electroencephalography. Applies advanced therapeutic methods - speech therapy and ergotherapy

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