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Wonderful clinic, which combines home-like atmosphere, a relaxed stylish atmosphere, comfortably furnished chamber and great service.
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Clinic Eilenriede - Germany
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Best doctors in selected clinic
Doctor  Mikhael Khutter Mikhael Khutter
A highly skilled surgeon, head of Center for Vascular Surgery and Plastic Surgery Center.
Doctor  Philip Lobenhofer Philip Lobenhofer
A A leading specialist surgeon, head of Surgery Center.
Doctor  Klaus Geshen Klaus Geshen
An outstanding specialist gynecologist, head of gynecology center.
Doctor  U. Yonas U. Yonas
The best specialist urologist, headed Urology Center (including oncourology, neyrourologiyu).
About clinic Clinic Eilenriede

Clinic Eilenriede – exclusive private hospital in the heart of Hannover. Excellent treatment supplements created in the clinic, home, cozy atmosphere and first class service. Here the treatment is complete rest of body and soul. Clinic includes more than 10 departments, including surgery, gynecology, cardiology, urology and Oncology.

In the Eilenriede clinic practice are respected in the medical community professionals. Including here works great urologist Professor Jonas, the gynecologist Professor Gechen, the surgeon Professor Lobenhofer. The hospital is headed by a great specialist with vast experience phlebologist Michael Hutter.

the Eilenriede Clinic has the equipment for carrying out surgical interventions on the vessels, the bones, the digestive tract, as well as for liposuction, eyelid and other plastic surgery. In the clinic conducting joint replacement, arthroscopy, transurethral intervention. The clinic has equipment for the rapid diagnosis, including detection of cancer at early stages.

Specialists clinic Eilenriede help to fight disease, enhance the beauty and restore inner peace.

Clinic reviews
I had a genetic predisposition to atherosclerosis of the renal arteries, so when I was diagnosed, I'm not particularly surprised. My mother suffered from this disease and I have seen all of its manifestations. In our clinic, I spent the first antihypertensive therapy, and then when there was no positive effect, have appointed the operation. But I was afraid somehow our medicine and began to look for experts abroad. Parents helped with the payment, because she knew how we are treated on their own experience. In General, we chose in the end, two clinics, on the recommendation of a knowledgeable person, but for the price most of all we were approached by Clinic Eilenriede. I was operated on Philip Lobenhofer. Thank you very much. I go now on the mend!
I was diagnosed with a weakness of the connective tissue of the white line of the abdomen, which led to the hernia. It was very unpleasant. I had no idea, why it arose, but said it was from lifting weights. I had moving just half a year ago and I did a lot of things dragged here! In General, it was necessary to have surgery and I'm looking different information about my problem, found a site There I suggested a lot of good clinics where I would be able to be operated from real pros. After reading about Michael Hutter, I decided to trust him in the end. Execute all documents, visa and passport, and went in about 3 weeks to Germany. Now I had surgery and I'm still in rehab. Here, the clinic is very comfortable. I'm happy with.
Thanks to Dr. Klaus Gesano from the hospital in Hannover for my finally cured polycystic ovaries. As I with it suffered, all the doctors I could not cure us. Treated a huge number of medications and eventually your liver planted. And my doctor from Germany quite differently did everything I canceled all previous medications and assign a different therapy, which after a month of treatment gave positive results. Thank you!
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