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Clinic Marcus - a leading medical center specializing in the treatment of Oncology, gastroenterology, cardiology, Nephrology and urology. Widely used minimally invasive surgical treatments in which manipulations are made through microscopic pinholes, allowing minimally injure healthy tissue.
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About clinic Clinic Marcus

Clinic "Marcus" — is the main medical center in Frankfurt am main. Here carried out the treatment of oncological, cardiological, neurological and gastroenterological diseases. 

Doctors "Marcus" are experienced and highly qualified specialists. Among them are professors, candidates and doctors of medical Sciences. Many of them, in addition to clinical activities, conduct of scientific research.

medical center "Marcus" apply only the latest equipment, allowing to diagnose diseases at the early stages, to effectively treat cancer. Among them — «Green laser" minimizing the risk of postoperative complications, innovative equipment for beam diagnostics, laser therapy, etc.

specialists of the clinic "Marcus" give preference to minimally invasive surgery and spend almost all operations through microscopic punctures. This helps to preserve the healthy tissue of the patient and supports rapid recovery after rehabilitation treatment.

For patients in the medical center created optimal conditions. They are housed in spacious rooms, equipped with everything necessary.

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