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Clinic Marta Maria is one of the leading clinics of Bavaria and located in a quiet green area on the outskirts of Munich. This hospital was founded in 1889 and today has been for many years the leading surgical center for the treatment of endocrine diseases and oncological diseases of the endocrine system. The clinic meets all international standards for quality of medical services.
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Clinic Marta Maria works from 1889: it is included in the ranking of the best medical institutions of Bavaria and specializing on the surgical treatment of endocrine diseases and cancer of the endocrine system.

the clinic Marta Maria employs highly qualified specialists not only in the South of Germany but of all Western Europe. Their work is led by Professor Heinrich fürst — scientist and endocrinologist and surgeon, having two PhDs. Over the years, in the center he spent more than 30 000 operations, and they were all successful. Today Heinrich fürst is recognized as one of the best doctors in Germany, and also included in TOP 20 best endocrinologists-surgeons in the world.

the clinic Marta Maria Munich is a preference for minimally invasive treatments. Tiny incisions/punctures performed during operations to ensure a reduction of the rehabilitation period and quick discharge from hospital. For accurate diagnostics center uses the most modern devices CT, MRI, nuclear medicine, x-ray.

Their patients, the hospital Martha-Maria in Munich offers a unique method of rehabilitation.

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