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Clinic Schwabing

➤ Clinic Schwabing ➤ Munchen, Germany ☺ 3 reviews $ Prices for treatments and diagnostics ✆ Make an appointment +7 499 348 2738
Is one of the best clinics not only in Germany but also in Europe, thanks to high-tech modern equipment, high level of service.
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Clinic Schwabing - Germany
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Best doctors in selected clinic
Doctor  Klemens Venter Klemens Venter
A A leading specialist oncologist, specializes in the treatment of non-malignant blood diseases, disorders of the immune system and blood clotting, most cancers.
Doctor  Stefan Zag Stefan Zag
He specializes in the treatment of acute and chronic diseases of the heart and lungs.
Doctor  Robert Ritsel Robert Ritsel
He specializes in the treatment of patients with hormonal diseases and diseases caused by metabolic disorders.
Doctor  Eduard Khesherl Eduard Khesherl
A talented traumatologist, specializes in the treatment of acute and degenerative diseases of the musculoskeletal system.
Doctor  Christianto Lumento Christianto Lumento
He specializes in the treatment of patients with diseases of the brain and spine.
About clinic Clinic Schwabing

In 1839, opened a clinic Schwabing. For two centuries she has earned an impeccable reputation, has earned awards and high rating of the German government. In the hospital 26 departments for inpatients and trained more than 1200 comfortable seats. The structure of the hospital includes institutes that conduct research in radiology, the various pathology and clinical chemistry. The children's Department is the pride of the hospital.

The Staff of the clinic Schwabing are more than 2,500 trained professionals: nurses, technicians, doctors. Here are practices such famous doctors as Dr. Burdach pediatrician, gynecologist Eva-Maria Gregory and Dr. Eberhard Stangl.

Equipment of the clinic Schwabing, presented the latest CT scanners, CT computer equipment for medical monitoring and visualization. Well-equipped operating rooms allow for modern heart surgery, brain, spine and other organs. The surgeons of the hospital have mastered minimally invasive techniques: laparoscopic, endoscopic, and others.

Clinic Schwabing provides excellent accommodation, first class service and excellent treatment.

Clinic reviews
I now know that he has put himself in this disease, and not accidentally got chronic back pain. A sedentary lifestyle and office work, but still 35 pounds overweight led to this result. And the age was under 50. In General, I had suffered with this for a long time and all I had to see a doctor, while very bad did not! Just couldn't straighten up completely! Decided to trust the professionals and go abroad for treatment, and the situation to change. A friend invited me a long time ago in Munich, so I got a chance to combine medical treatment and to visit. A friend told me to go to Edward Hacerlo, as he was a local celebrity from the Clinic Schwabing and has cured many people who had a diseased spine or other problems with the musculoskeletal system. He put me on my feet very quickly! I breathe deeply and quickly went on the amendment. Thank you!
Thanks to Olaf Neuman from the Clinic Schwabing successful operation to remove a cyst from the right ovary. He quickly and almost painlessly performed this operation, and even the scar is almost invisible left! Very glad that it was addressed to him, after all, managed to save the ovary, so my husband and I will be able in the future to plan another baby. We have one daughter 4 years and we still have her brother!
My child 9 years of age was localized embryonal rhabdomyosarcoma in the neck. I noticed the swelling and thought it was a bump so at first, but she still did not pass. And the child became lethargic and ate poorly. Asked pediatrician and he sent us to an oncologist. The diagnosis was terrible! When I googled all that, I came to the site in the Docklands, where they contacted the Manager of the site. He was recommended by Dr. Klemens Venter from the hospital Schwabing. Of course there were other offers, but this doctor was a large and successful experience in the treatment of such diseases, though minimally invasive manner. After the paperwork and Skype consultations, we came to the survey. They even helped to find a good accommodation close to the clinic. Now appointed surgery date, but while my son took a lot of tests. As will happen, time will tell.
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