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Clinic Shen-Neustadt

➤ Clinic Shen-Neustadt ➤ Neustadt in Holstein, Germany ☺ 3 reviews $ Prices for treatments and diagnostics ✆ Make an appointment +7 499 348 2738
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One of the largest hospitals in Germany, specializing on the advanced treatment of spine diseases and scoliosis with the help of modern medical equipment.
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Clinic Shen-Neustadt - Germany
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Doctor  Henri Galm Henri Galm
An outstanding orthopedics, neurosurgery, head of the department of scoliosis. He specializes in the treatment of deformities of any origin, such as scoliosis, kyphosis.
About clinic Clinic Shen-Neustadt

Shen Clinic-Neustadt is a private institution providing advanced treatment using the best equipment. The hospital is located in a picturesque area with developed infrastructure. The clinic is certified according to the Protocol DIN EN ISO 9001, prepared 520 seats. Each year the clinic receives about 19 thousand stationary and 52 thousand outpatients.

the Clinic of Shen-Neustadt consists of 9 cents, which employ around 900 excellent specialists. The scoliosis center is led by Professor Gal, a great specialist in the field of spinal health. The clinic staff constantly participate in scientific conferences, improve their skills and learn new methods of therapy and surgical treatment.

Technical equipment of the clinic of Shen-Neustadt allows to perform all endoscopic manipulations, colour Doppler sonography and the other types of ECG, MRI, ultrasound. There are also equipment for thermotherapy, therapeutic baths, lymphatic drainage, electrotherapy.

the Clinic of Shen-Neustadt – well-equipped diagnostic and treatment facility, where patients receive the best possible service and treatment.

Clinic reviews
I had a running s-shaped scoliosis in the lumbar spine. I didn't treat it at the early stage, even though I knew of its existence. Was no pain at first, but then when the disease progressed, neither sit not to go was already unbearable! In one forum on the Internet about orthopedics, I learned about a great center in Germany for treatment of the spine Clinic Shen-Neustadt. I have a sister in Germany, so go there for treatment. Me perfectly it helped! And the hospital became almost a second home for two months of treatment there.
Thank you Henry Halmo from the Shen clinic-Neustadt for my new spine! Have never thought that at 55 years old it is possible to regain lost health, but as it turned out, the main desire and a little effort. Therefore, accumulating the required amount for the treatment, I, on the advice of his girlfriend, who is a physician, went for treatment to the clinic. She as a medical worker with experience, recommended it to me. In the end, I'm satisfied and happy!
Broke my leg when he left the office. Live and laugh or cry, almost out of the blue. The plaster was applied, but once removed, straight leg blue was not developed. Decided to choose a good rehab center because we I don't appreciate either one. Of the me, loved the Shen-Neustadt for a cozy house and a large number of experts in their field. Went there pre-ordering a Russian curator, he helped me to quickly adapt in a new place. Now everything is fine, go slowly!
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