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Hospital with the highest range of medical services and the largest hospital in Wuppertal.
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Clinic Wuppertal - Germany
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Best doctors in selected clinic
Doctor  Ulrikh Kuzenak Ulrikh Kuzenak
A A leading specialist in the field of vascular surgery.
Doctor  Verner Mendling Verner Mendling
A skilled gynecologist, mammalogy and heads the Center Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics.
Doctor  Christian Prints Christian Prints
He specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of malignant and benign tumors of the field of gastroenterology, as well as the treatment of liver disease and pancreatic cancer.
Doctor  Persi Lemann Persi Lemann
He specializes in the treatment of patients with skin and allergic diseases.
Doctor  Hyubert Tsirngibl Hyubert Tsirngibl
He specializes in the surgical treatment of benign and malignant tumors of the abdominal cavity using a minimally-invasive surgery and other treatments Careful.
About clinic Clinic Wuppertal

Clinic Wuppertal for up to 1000 inpatients. In the hospital there are 26 departments and it cooperates with 8 University departments of medicine. Each year the hospital receives 50 thousand inpatients and 100 thousand out-patients. In 2015, the clinic included in the list of the best medical institutions by the prestigious magazine "Focus".

At the clinic Wuppertal employs more than 2500 employees of different profiles: nurses, techs, doctors of different specializations. 14 of them the doctor is a Professor, head of the University Department. The division of vascular surgery is headed by Dr. Cazenac. The breast health center is led by Professor medling. The chief physician of the cardiac surgery Department is Professor fetter.

Clinic Wuppertal is equipped with the best equipment, including computing and robotics. This allows for performing advanced diagnostics, minimally invasive surgeries and complex operations on the heart, brain, blood vessels and spine.

Clinic Wuppertal – superb complex, providing excellent medical services, care and excellent service.

Clinic reviews
At 8 months pregnant I was diagnosed hypertension, the analysis showed protein in the urine, suffered from terrible swelling and was generally kind of depressed. The doctor said that it's really dangerous and can lead to eclampsia. We the entire family decided to consult a good gynecologist. Advised to me by a colleague at work Werner Mendling from Germany. He gave childbirth to her daughter. Though the treatment at the clinic Wuppertal was not cheap, but we still decided to apply it here, because they were afraid for my health and the health of the child. Now I'm almost 37 week and all is well! Waiting for the childbirth. Plan to have it here.
The doctor came with the unpleasant sensations in the heart area. Recently heart beating rapidly, as if in alarm. The doctor said that the size of the heart slightly enlarged and there is slight tachycardia, but not to worry. Also I had the deafness of tones and systolic murmur. It bothered me! After a while I with heart failure was taken to the hospital. Obkololi all, and so are not diagnosed. My mother was seriously worried. Was looking for a good clinic where it was great cardiologists. But found a clinic in Germany - Clinic Wuppertal. Signed a contract with them and came for treatment. Two days later, the problem was diagnosed myocarditis. Now I am being treated and is improving my condition. Thank you doctors of this clinic.
A month ago I had high blood pressure, there was a strong feeling of chest tightness and General discomfort. Periodically, gasping for air, it was difficult to breath and had a dry cough. I wasn't sure what is going on with me! The doctors thought it was a panic attack and I first thought. Then after reading a lot of information about my symptoms, I decided to check with another professional. I read on the forum about the Clinic Wuppertal and Ulrich Cozenage. Signed up to see him for a consultation through an interpreter and 3 days later flew to Germany. After all its tests, I have found a cardiac asthma. Successfully underwent treatment here and am very grateful for the help!
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