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European prevention center, düsseldorf

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➤ European prevention center, düsseldorf ➤ Dusseldorf, Germany ☺ 3 reviews $ Prices for treatments and diagnostics ✆ Make an appointment +7 499 348 2738
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European prevention center specializiruetsya in the early diagnosis of different diseases by ultrasound scan, MRI, CT, PET, blood tests.

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300$ - 5000$
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European prevention center, düsseldorf ➤ European prevention center, düsseldorf, ➤ Dusseldorf, Germany, ☺ 3 reviews, $ Prices for treatments and diagnostics, ✆ Make an appointment: +7 499 348 2738
300 5000 USD
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Doctor  Uve Niksdorff Uve Niksdorff

A highly qualified specialist, heads the department a full medical examination.

About European prevention center, düsseldorf

The European prevention center, düsseldorf is an institution of the highest level. We apply innovative methods of diagnostics of diseases, as well as comprehensive programs for prevention. The clinic has a hospital, patients who receive a special diet, attend courses of physical therapy, medication. This is one of the best centers, allowing to obtain an accurate picture of health.

The European prevention center, düsseldorf employ excellent equipment, outstanding diagnosticians, competent laboratory staff. The full survey is headed by Dr. Uwe Nixdorff.

European prevention center, düsseldorf equipped with various types of scanners, PAT-installing, ultrasound and ECG equipment, sparing x-ray devices. This eliminates the need for biopsy and diagnostic operations. The clinic has its own laboratory to conduct blood tests for the presence of markers of various diseases.

European prevention center, düsseldorf allows you to find "vulnerability" in the system of the body and to take action to the potential disease did not become a real illness.

Clinic reviews
I have suffered in the past year infrequent loss of sensation in the feet. I couldn't walk and even fell sometimes on the spot! This to me is very strained and forced to look for the diagnostic center where I had all the details looked. I went to the doctors at of course, but they do not reveal anything and gave me the vitamins. In the end, we got to the hospital I spoke with one man who told me about this clinic (European prevention center, düsseldorf), as there his brother was diagnosed with sarcoma a year ago. Finding out the price, I decided on examination. Came to this centre and right were amazed by the beauty of the building! It sparkled in the rays of the sun. Inside, too, everything was sanitized. It's put me in a positive way! But what upset me is the doctor's diagnosis was a tumesor of the spine. Now I was operated and I was under surveillance. Hope for the bt!
Sent my daughter 16 years in the clinic (European prevention center, düsseldorf), as she observed the delay of sexual development. That is, it did not come menstrual days, and she was weak, and the growth lagged behind peers. We suspected my husband some kind of genetic disease, and therefore chose the best medical center. From the positive I can say that it's been there for 6 months and there she gained 7 kg weight. A pituitary tumor she was never found we were encouraged and pleased! Now waiting for results.
Passed full examination of the body, as a result of the accident I had a head injury. Consistently a couple times a week I fainted and I had increased intracranial pressure. As a result, doctors from the European prevention center, düsseldorf diagnosed me with swelling of the brain. Treatment has appointed me is medication. If you do not help, they will do the surgery.
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