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International medical centre ", Vivantes" (Berlin)

➤ International medical centre ", Vivantes" (Berlin) ➤ Berlin, Germany ☺ 6 reviews $ Prices for treatments and diagnostics ✆ Make an appointment +7 499 348 2738
The German health network , Vivantes" is the largest state network of clinics in Germany. Serving 500,000 patients annually, "Vivantes" is a leading group of hospitals in Berlin where he works a more than 13 000 employees, 9 locations in which a total of 100 clinics and offices 12 inpatient care."
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International medical centre
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Best doctors in selected clinic
Doctor  Ditrikh Andersen Ditrikh Andersen
Head of the Department of Cardiology and Conservative Intensive Care
Doctor  Shteffen Berens Shteffen Berens
Head of the department of cardiology and intensive conservative therapy.
Doctor  Andreas D. Ebert Andreas D. Ebert

Head of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

Doctor  Bettina Shmits Bettina Shmits
Head of the Department of Neurology.
Doctor  Andreas Edike Andreas Edike
Head of the Department of Neurosurgery.
About clinic International medical centre ", Vivantes" (Berlin)

the international medical centre ", Vivantes" (Berlin) since 2001, Is the largest concentration of health care in Europe and the largest network of clinics in Germany. Administratively it includes 100 specialized departments, concentrated in 9 of the multidisciplinary branches. According to statistics, in the International medical centre ", Vivantes" served 1/3 of the inhabitants of the German capital.

For the benefit of the med. the organization employs 13 000 highly trained doctors, nurses, orderlies and other employees. In the year they serve more than 500,000 patients. For the production of correct diagnoses, Dr. "Vivantes" use the most modern diagnostic equipment.

So, the branches of International medical center "Vivantes" features innovative magnetic resonance scanners of 1.2 Tesla, with facilities for fluoroscopy, angiography, mammography, instruments for urological research, PET-CT and CT. Operations doctors clinics, "Vivantes" use CyberKnife, the robot "Da Vinci". This explains the excellent reputation of the centre and its leadership in its field.

Clinic reviews
Already more than 2 years Professor Ebert is no longer the head of the Department of gynecology in the hospitals Vivantes, now he is only a private practitioner. These two years he is observed me, but I'm satisfied, unfortunately, not by all.
My childhood was heart problems (intermittent pain). At first it was blamed on puberty, vegetative-vascular dystonia, but by 30 I began to feel that it is time for all age-related changes to end. Only in the clinic “Vivantes” I was able to make a diagnosis. Maybe it's the equipment, which is not in Russia, may be, in respect of doctors. Now I get treated in Germany, and finally start to forget about “heart” problems.
I want to share my experience of treatment abroad, namely at the German heart centre. Before to go there I've been treated in Russia. The fact that as a child I suffered a severe sore throat after which went to the heart complications, has formed a defect of the aortic valve (stenosis). After that I watched a long time, due to the high load on the heart with it problems began, congestive heart failure, so we are talking about the operation. It can be done in Russia under the quota, but high-quality prosthetic valve had to pay yourself. I began to look for alternative ways, including treatment options abroad. Talked with doctors, it became clear that have friends who were treated in Germany, read the forums. In General, opted for the German heart centre. I don't know how it all came together, I turn to another hospital, but here everything was at the highest level. Valve I changed, the scar after the operation remained very small — that is, as I explained, due to minimally invasive techniques. Now seeing a cardiologist in Russia, says that all is in order, but still plan at least every few years to attend the examination in cardiology in Berlin. 
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