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Medical Park (Medical Park AG) is a network of specialized rehabilitation clinics working in the field of orthopedic surgery, recovery after injury, rehabilitation after various diseases: rheumatic, neurological, cardiological and psychosomatic.
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"Medical Park" — it is a network of medical clinics specializing in complex rehabilitation of patients. Here is the treatment of people who have received serious injury, who had undergone major orthopedic surgery treated cardiac, neurological, rheumatic and mental diseases.

In structure of the "Medical Park" established the 8 hospitals and 3 outpatient clinics, which employ about 1,800 employees. Each year the organization serves more than 50,000 patients. Our physicians have extensive experience in the rehabilitation of patients and provide quality services in the field of medical-therapeutic services. 

When treating trauma and fractures in the "medical Park" using modern machines and medical equipment. Here is computer diagnostics of the spine, apply the techniques of digital simulation images, there are sensory and rehabilitation rooms, a private Hematology and clinical chemistry lab. 

During treatment in "medical Park" patients are placed in wards, home-style, which positively affects the speed of the rehabilitation process.

Clinic reviews
I was a professional athlete, athletics, until 3 years ago was not seriously injured. Compound fracture of the leg with damage to the joint. In Russia, I once said that about any sport you can forget walking would have happened, and at some point actually sounded terrible word "amputation". Something I did, but I immediately decided to undergo treatment in Germany, and it was correct. When my leg was restored, the surgeon said that this is half the battle, the main thing – high-quality and full rehabilitation. He was recommended to me by one of the rehab centers the medical Park. I chose the located on lake Chiemsee, he specializing sports medicine. Now I do not remember all that I did there – and acupuncture, massage, exercises of all sorts, but the fact is that after a month I was playing Golf on the lawn, and soon started swimming. In medical Park's unique approach to recovery – each patient had his own program, which were corrected almost every day, depending on the state. I remember with horror the predictions of Russian doctors and want to say that you are heard in Russia, not in a hurry to believe and despair. 
After a spinal injury and operations I very long could not walk, and thought no longer stand. I realize now that if they hadn't taken the offer to go to the medical Park, it would, most likely, was. I did a lot of procedures with me every day engaged in the doctor of physical therapy, and gradually I regained my feet, hands, learned how to use them. Now I can move independently, periodically come to the clinic for an examination and do not want to entrust your health to someone else. 
Rehabilitation center, medical Park – it's not just the hospital or the sanatorium, everything is made for people. I want to mention a surprisingly good place on the shore of a lake surrounded by nature and really understand how you want to live. But by itself, nature can not be cured, it's understandable. The clinic has the most modern equipment. I recuperated here after a difficult heart surgery, and in the initial phase, I conducted a bunch of tests and research. I'm glad it came to the medical Park, it helped me to come back to life.
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