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Academic hospital of the RWTH in Aachen. Is not only multidisciplinary institution, but also specializiruetsya on palliative medicine.
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Saint Anthony Hospital - Germany
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Best doctors in selected clinic
Doctor  Mario Delana Mario Delana
A highly qualified surgeon specializes in surgery of the stomach, gastrointestinal tract, surgical treatment of pancreatic tumors.
Doctor  Mikhail Dyuk Mikhail Dyuk
A A leading specialist anesthetist, head of department of anesthesiology and surgical intensive therapy.
Doctor  Eberhart Shnayder Eberhart Shnayder
He specializes in the implementation of the accelerated rehabilitation of patients after surgery.
Doctor  Rudolf Myuller Rudolf Myuller
He specializes in all kinds of vascular surgery.
Doctor  Gabriele Kyuper Gabriele Kyuper
She specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of all forms of genetic diseases.
About clinic Saint Anthony Hospital

Saint Anthony Hospital is a large medical center in Germany. In the hospital more than a dozen well-equipped offices. The leading direction of the clinic is the treatment of cancer processes, including prostate cancer. The hospital offers surgical and conservative treatment, and palliative medicine. It uses innovative methods of treatment, and doctors continually undergo refresher training.

At St. Anthony's has excellent specialists. Here is taking patients therapist, cardiologist Professor Java Jansens. Also working in the clinic geneticist Gabriel Küpper, phlebologist Rudolf Muller and other top-notch doctors.

Saint Anthony Hospital has well equipped departments. In hospital used methods of radiological and nuclear therapy, angiography, sialography, x-ray examination, mammography. Also at the clinic performed a CT scan, EEG, diagnostic endoscopy, positron-emission tomography.

Saint Anthony Hospital – the hospital where the doctors diagnoses and always prescribe an effective treatment with regard to patient characteristics.

Clinic reviews
Purulent pylephlebitis in my case has led to liver abscess. I had complaints of very severe pain in the right hypochondrium and was almost always the temperature of 37-38 degrees. I did not waste any time and decided to be diagnosed in the appropriate place. Got to the portal the Docklands, where the Manager advised me in detail about treatment abroad and conducted a tour of the best clinics of our planet. I had to choose between a number of and processed documents for treatment in the Hospital of St. Anthony Mario made. Now I had surgery and I am recovering. The surgery went great!
I am a former champion heavyweight. I liked this case and now I just really miss it, since I have a diagnosis of protrusion of the spine. This is a very nasty disease, and God forbid you so! Sports insurance sent me to be treated in the Hospital of St. Anthony in Germany. I barely survive the flight without strong painkillers that would be just not realistic! My doctor Oliver Khyber, promised to put me on my feet and be cured. About him I know that treating any athlete and the % success was 99 %. So I'm in good hands!
After lactation, my Breasts had become like "Spaniel ears". Husband was not happy, and I also began to experience a complex about this. So he told me that I chose the clinic, and he will pay for everything! I didn't mind. Posherstiv the forums, read about the Hospital of St. Anthony in Germany. The prices were average here, and the specialist Aleksander Bach even had their admirers and fans! I decided to apply it here and make the shape of their Breasts, that is, to fill the space inside (there were like empty after milk). Now it's all gone now and I love it! My Breasts are really beautiful, and the scar is hardly noticeable. There is a little discomfort from the foreign body, but I'll get used to it.
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