The Gamma knife center in Hanover

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The first clinic of radiotherapy and radiosurgery in Germany.
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The Gamma knife center in Hanover - Germany
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Doctor  Otto Bundshu Otto Bundshu
A highly skilled neurosurgeon, specializes in the treatment of benign and malignant tumors in the head with a gamma knife.
About clinic The Gamma knife center in Hanover

the Gamma knife Center in Hannover is the best clinic radiosurgery and radiation therapy in Germany. The clinic is well respected in the medical world, as it uses an innovative approach in the treatment of tumors. But thousands of patients with complex tumors grateful to doctors for saving his life. For the treatment used a special gamma knife, which allows to remove tumors up to 3 cm

the Gamma knife Center in Hannover is a team of great therapists, neuro - and radiochirurgie. There are only first-class doctors, has incredible precision of movement, talent and great knowledge. Directs a clinic Professor Otto will Bungsu's a wonderful surgeon and a prominent scientist.

the Gamma knife Center in Hanover is equipped with the best diagnostic, surgical and other equipment. But its main asset is the gamma knife. The tool allows you to remove the tumors of the brain and spine without damaging healthy tissue. Unique gentle technique allows for operation with a minimum for patients with risk of loss of hearing, vision, motor skills or brain damage.

the Gamma knife Center in Hanover is a chance for a complete cure for many cancer patients.

Clinic reviews
I came here in a strong decline of the spirit. Have buried yourself in the shower and had little hope for effective treatment of his stomach cancer. But chemotherapy met women who are living with cancer already for 10-15 years. I immediately had the strength to act and to fight! Thanks to the clinic Gamma knife in Hannover for this hope and faith! You are doing a great thing and thousands of patients thanks to your effective methods today continue to live!
When I unsuccessfully treated in Russian Oncological center was not discovered in time the cancer in the neck, I realized that the weak point of the Russian Oncology diagnostics. The doctors just missing the professional radar and wariness in relation to cancer patients. But it's partly not their fault, as the equipment is antiquated and often used it very little, and the sick were often waiting in the queue, waiting for chemotherapy. But in the Gamma knife Center in Hannover - not so! Here the most advanced equipment and feature the center. Here helped not only me, but many thousands of patients with complex cases!
In oncological center in Moscow, we completed the full scan of the body, where my 6 year old child was discovered multiple metastases. After 2.5 months, when we arrived for control tests prescribed by the doctor, the picture has not changed and the child had anything to assign, and the doctor waited, it is not clear what! I was angry and just took out his card and refused further observation. To find other medical centers and learned about the Gamma knife Center in Hanover. Collected the necessary sum for treatment and took the baby there. There we were received and already we are being treated there for 3 months. I live in a flat near the centre. When we read that the Gamma knife Center in Hannover is the best clinic radiosurgery and radiation therapy in Germany, somehow I was a bit skeptical. But in practice, it turned out well, because my child is now much better!
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