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One of the leading clinics in the direction of high precision diagnostics and modern treatment.
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University clinic Essen - Germany
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When it comes to heart surgery and how serious it would be desirable to trust certainly the professionals. So when my cardiologist said I need to install epicardial electronic stimulator for the heart, I've gone through all the information on this operation, compared the experience of physicians, patient testimonials and rates on this service. In the end, after months of uncertainty, I decided to "go under the knife" at University hospital Essen in Germany. Before surgery I was very nervous, he was afraid of the anesthesia, but everything went perfectly! Thank you!
I initially was more appealing to University hospital Aachen, about which I read on this website. But when spoke with Manager, he told me about the newly imported and advanced equipment for cataract surgery at the University hospital Essen. And generally about this clinic and then on other websites I read a lot of good. Now we are collecting documents and after two weeks on the plan I'm going for treatment in this clinic.
Thank you Dr. Sherko kumal from the University clinic Essen for the diagnosis of breast cancer at an early stage. Come out to examine a strange pigmentation on the chest and eventually she heard the terrible diagnosis. Dear women, if you are in doubt and you have a concern in your breast, whether it's bumps or the formation of vascular veins, it is better to go to mammologu and require detailed analysis, because early stage breast cancer in fact as colds, which successfully and quickly treated!
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