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University clinic of Würzburg

➤ University clinic of Würzburg ➤ Wurzburg, Germany ☺ 4 reviews $ Prices for treatments and diagnostics ✆ Make an appointment +7 499 348 2738
Multidisciplinary University hospital comprises 19 clinics with polyclinics, as well as 3 independent clinics and 4 clinical Institute. Occupies the 8th place in the top recommended list of the best medical institutions in the magazine "FOCUS" for the year 2016.
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University clinic of Würzburg - Germany
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Best doctors in selected clinic
Doctor  Georg Ertl Georg Ertl
Head of the Department of Cardiology, Angiology and Pneumology in I medical clinic. Engaged in 6 areas of internal medicine, namely cardiology, intensive care, neurology, pulmonology, Angiology, their research, teaching and patient care.
Doctor  Yens Folkmann Yens Folkmann
A prominent neurologist, offers assistance in emergency situations and first aid on the modern university level.
Doctor  Rayner Leykh Rayner Leykh
A A leading specialist, heart surgeon, specializes in the surgical treatment of congenital and acquired diseases of the lungs and heart in adulthood, practicing a heart transplant.
Doctor  Herman Aynzele Herman Aynzele
Head of the department of hematology, oncology, rheumatology and gastroenterology at the Medical Clinic II. He specializes in the treatment of patients (both inpatient and outpatient) with hematological, gastrointestinal cancer, rheumatologic, immunologic diseases.
Doctor  Ralph-Ingo Ernestus Ralph-Ingo Ernestus
A prominent neurosurgeon, specializes in the treatment of patients with various spinal, brain disease, spinal cord.
About clinic University clinic of Würzburg

University hospital of würzburg consists of almost 40 departments, which employ more than 5,700 employees, including more than a thousand – this senior medical staff. Every year, we treat more than 55 thousand patients. In the hospital 1430 inpatient beds in modern wards. the staff of the University hospital of würzburg working color medicine – the young talented scientists and professors. Eye care center headed by Professor Hillenkamp. Director of the dermatological Department of Gobele Professor. The pediatric center is directed by Professor Speer. Also, there are training and refresher courses gifted young doctors.

University hospital of würzburg with the latest equipment, allowing for rapid and accurate diagnosis: a modern MRI scanner, CT, etc. Operating rooms equipped with robotics and other high quality equipment. In the experimental Department developing new methods of treatment.

University hospital of würzburg is an institution in which scientific achievements are used for the benefit of the people. Specialists at the clinic are doing everything to achieve complete cure of patients.

Clinic reviews
Hallo, I was only 17 and was diagnosed with Meningitis/TB. It was many years ago but I recall that I was well taken care of for the 3 months I was hospitalized in the Uni Clinic. I was born and raised in Burgbernheim, which is about 45 minutes from Wuerzburg, my family could only visit me on Weekends. However I remember that I was well taken care of by the staff. I spend a little over 3 months there and although I have traumatic memories about the illness I have fond memories of the staff. We, me and some other kids, used to take the tunnel to the Cafeteria
Came to the neurologist with a sharp pain in the neck and shoulder Department. In recent years, and memory was also bad was the noise in the ears, headache and occasionally numb limbs. X-rays showed that I have subchondral sclerosis of the thoracic and cervical. And together, the MRI results were not very positive. The doctor prescribed treatment which I was not well. Had insurance and decided to contact other professionals, albeit expensive even treatment left. Through the organizers of the treatment flew to Germany in a very good clinic - University clinic of würzburg, which was famous for its highly qualified specialists. The hospital was very comfortable with bright rooms. Was examined there are many doctors who do not waste time and quickly put me on my feet! Thank you
About six months ago the fingers 4,5 on the hand like a stiff. There was a strong pain in my attempts to stretch them. After physical therapy, the little finger became less mobile, but the ring finger has remained fossilized. treated in other hospitals, but doctors only prescribed medication and physical therapy, which helped. Began to look for foreign experts and came across two very good hospitals, one of which is the University hospital of würzburg and decided to examined. This clinic is included in top list of the best recommended medical institutions. Dr. Jens Volkmann was diagnosed with constrictive ligaments, which I am now being treated!
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