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University hospital Freiburg is a state medical institution of the state of Baden-Wurtemberg recognized as one of the 5 best hospitals of Germany, especially noted the magnificent work of its cardiac and Oncology departments
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University hospital Freiburg - Germany
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Doctor  Justus Duyster Justus Duyster

Chief physician of Department of Hematology and Oncology

Doctor  Roland Lasttsig Roland Lasttsig
Head of the department of ENT diseases.
Doctor  Andreas Shuld-Boneydzh Andreas Shuld-Boneydzh
Head of the Department Epileptology.
About clinic University hospital Freiburg

History of the University hospital of Freiburg began in 1457 is one of the oldest hospitals in the world. Today she is among the top medical centers in Germany, including 14 specialized clinics, 5 centers and 5 institutes.

The University clinic of Freiburg can accommodate 1000 patients. There is also a comfortable equipment, where people come to conduct a one-time manipulation. Working at the center, 10 500 employees, of which 1 400 are highly qualified doctors (including 4 Nobel laureates), 2 900 — Junior medical staff.

At the University clinic Freiburg apply the latest methods of diagnosis and treatment based on latest achievements in biomedical and clinical research. Also the company provides the service of Express-diagnostics Check-Up. It does not provide for the client's stay in the inpatient ward, and it only takes 1 to 3 days.

Patients of the University clinic of Freiburg is situated in a well-equipped single and double rooms. For them meals are served in buffet style.

Clinic reviews
My wife had to remove the tumor. Fibroids is certainly not a malignancy, but if it is so huge, it is a real threat. So the time we had very little. Ironically, it is easier for us to collect all documents to get visas and make the transaction in Germany than to wait for assistance in Russia, those physicians who we really trust. German doctors coped for three days – a quick examination and surgery. That's how it is. More recently, by historical standards, they came to Russia in order to enslave us and kill, and are now saved.
That we have medicine stars will not break, and in a clinic of Freiburg to Justus Gitster I got an appointment without any problems. This is an amazing man! I was told that Castus - a fabulous diagnostician recognizes Oncology almost to the eyes. And because it's during the reception were smiling... even before the survey it became clear to me that the terrible Moscow the diagnosis "leukemia" is not confirmed. And so it happened. THANK you!!
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