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University hospital of Leipzig (Universitätsklinikum Leipzig) is a medical complex maximum, reminiscent of a small state, comprising: institutes, specialized departments and specialized clinics. With 60 years in the clinic started functioning donor Institute, having today one of the largest donor banks (annual revenues of quantities of blood and plasma be 70 thousand). The main scientific directions of the clinic are neurology, endocrinology, molecular Oncology and psychosocial medicine."
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University hospital Leipzig — a famous German clinic, one of the oldest medical institutions in Europe. At the end of the nineteenth century it was recognized as the best in the world.

Today the University clinic of Leipzig is a maximum security facility. It is merged 11 offices, 7 branches, 26 clinics and hospitals. During the year the doctors of the organization are more than 50 000 patients undergoing treatment in hospitals, and more than 330,000 patients in need of outpatient services.

All the buildings of the University clinic of Leipzig is equipped with modern equipment, allowing to carry out accurate diagnostic and effective therapeutic interventions. Specially trained personnel and diagnostic clinics provides a comprehensive survey very quickly (1-2 days). In all departments of the University hospital of Leipzig performed molecular genetic, clinical, hormonal treatments, there are devices 3D diagnostics.

Patients of the University clinic of Leipzig to live in comfortable conditions which according to reviews has a positive effect on their health. 

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