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University hospital. Giessen and Marburg - the oldest and largest and largest medical institution in Western Europe. The complex consists of 45 specialized departments, which cover almost all areas of modern medicine. University hospital. of Giessen and Marburg occupies a leading position on lung transplantation among European hospitals and treatment of diseases of the spine among the clinics of Germany.
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University hospital. of Giessen and Marburg - Germany
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the University hospital. Giessen and Marburg — one of the largest and oldest medical institutions in Western Europe. It consists of 45 highly specialized offices. At the same time in hospitals the bed capacity of 1140 patients.

Explora of Giessen and Marburg leading among other hospitals of Europe for lung transplantation among German organizations — for elimination of pathologies of the spine. Also her priority is the children and adolescent medicine.

. In a hospital Giessen and Marburg has about 10,000 employees. Among them by world-famous professors, candidates and doctors of medical Sciences. Local specialists use the latest medical equipment, so quick to diagnose and treat all diseases. Because University hospital. Giessen and Marburg — the health facility is maximum security, its branches are located in new buildings.

the center has its own laboratory, where high-precision data processing of diagnostic studies. His patients available Check-up to allow for the full Express tests.


Clinic reviews
I am a chef by profession and by occupation, I often have to stand on their feet for 8-12 hours a day, and if our restaurant is going on a wedding event or corporate party, for example, I much processed! Of course, all this I always compensate, but my health is badly affected. Me like 1.5 years began to suffer backache in the spine. Went to a clinic and everywhere I put one diagnosis of low back pain. Treated me with all sorts, but there was no improvement. I myself tried to find other specialists only in foreign clinics and came across information about University hospital. Giessen and Marburg in Germany. Called the friend who helped me when communicating with the doctor in German. Bought a ticket, the benefit of the Schengen visa I already had! At the airport I waited for the car from the clinic and meet a Russian curator of my treatment. I in the end booked a one bedroom apartment close to the clinic. The doctor I took, it was a difficult surgery and as soon as he was released, we spoke about it. After x-rays revealed that I have herniated 2 vertebrae! The voucher date assigned, and the doctor assures me that it will be successful and my pain will be. Decided not to overwork at work, health is more expensive.
I removed the left breast 2 years ago. In the period of remission I started to calm down that everything was over, but once the tests showed a different picture. I was very worried that I will delete and right breast, so I called my sister in Germany that it looked to me a good a foreign specialist. She found it for me in the clinic. Giessen and Marburg. After getting the visa, I immediately ran for the tickets. Was very happy when was able to find a flight in the morning. Took things a bit, I thought, if I purchase everything in place. We arrived with my sister at the clinic, was already waiting for us. Me literally 3 hours and did all the tests and said to go to rest, after all, the road was very tiring for me. The doctor (by the way, a woman) was very friendly and attentive. The case of the University hospital was impressive, but bright and cozy. Tests have shown that there is a small tumor and I was scheduled for surgery. Now in remission, I feel better than in the first operation. The doctor said that the metastases didn't go and I'm on the mend!
When your sick child is the worst! My child 5 years old was diagnosed with a heart defect and we couldn't waste time, because it's one thing when an adult is sick, and another when a small child. We observed in a private clinic, but we took the money, and the treatment is not provided. So we started thinking about the treatment at the University hospital Giessen and Marburg, as read that there is a very developed children's cardiology Department. The curator was waiting for us when we arrived. The flight was great, the child tolerated it well. Clinic also we liked, although we expected to see the grey room in the hospital in Russia. Daughter has now made the operation quite successfully. She is on the mend, but while she observed.
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