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Women's clinic Miz Copper

2 reviews
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➤ Women's clinic Miz Copper ➤ Dortmund, Germany ☺ 2 reviews $ Prices for treatments and diagnostics ✆ Make an appointment +7 499 348 2738
Women's clinic Miz Copper is considered to be one of the best hospitals specializing in gynaecology and obstetrics and children's diseases.
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Doctor  Wolf-Diter Lyudvig Wolf-Diter Lyudvig

Head of the Department of Hematology, Oncology and Tumor Immunology.

Doctor  Maynkhard Balensiphen Maynkhard Balensiphen

Head of the Department of replacement.

About Women's clinic Miz Copper

Diagnostic center DOC Dortmund was opened in 2013. It is staffed by doctors a variety of medical specialties, allowing patients to be diagnosed quickly and in the best possible conditions. The clinic is conducted by gynecologists, internists, ophthalmologists, psychiatrists, narcologists, dentists, gastroenterologists, otolaryngologists, mammalogy, surgeons, etc.

Diagnostic center DOC Dortmund is equipped with the most modern equipment. It is a radiological diagnosis, MRI, mammography, CT, x-ray, ECG, endoscopy, echo, laboratory diagnosis, and also actively apply methods of 3D-computer visualization. In addition, in Diagnostic center DOC Dortmund has an Express-diagnostics Check-up, in which clients learn the results of completed studies during the day.

For convenience, patients near the Diagnostic center DOC Dortmund are numerous restaurants, a pharmacy, laboratory of optics, sanitaetshaus, hotels. For patients and those accompanying them, the company conducts tours.

Clinic reviews
We can only treat healthy people, I was convinced after two years of appearing in cardiology clinics. Learned a lot about the complexities of domestic medicine, that neither equipment nor money for a normal diagnosis and treatment. Imbued... But in vain because then I was accused that I, say, brought his heart to such a state. In Dortmund, everything went smoothly, the doctor prescribed treatment. Will go again in six months.
With huge gratitude to you says the Ligovskyi family. Dortmund did a comprehensive survey on the system of check-up. We strongly believe that it is necessary for all who want to be healthy. And this is to some extent an indicator of the level of culture and people, and the whole country. We do is not massively practice, which is a shame.
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