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Diseases of ENT organs very often occur at adults and children therefore otorhinolaryngology is one of the most popular branches of medicine. For a rubezhomlecheniye of ENT-diseases it is carried out at extremely high professional level that is caused by high qualification of doctors, use of the most modern equipment.

All ENT specialists abroad pass the serious training allowing them to diagnose and treat successfully any diseases of ears and top airways, using the most modern laboratory and tool techniques.

Main directions of otorhinolaryngology:

  • Treatment of chronic infectious diseases of ENT organs is abroad carried out with use of effective medicines, physioprocedures, if necessary - immunomodulators. At children's age removal or laser therapy of adenoides, almonds is possible.
  • At snore the microsurgical techniques allowing to get rid of it are used.
  • The bent nasal partition is corrected by means of operation of a septoplastics.
  • Exact identification of the reasons of decrease in hearing allows to appoint and carry out the correct treatment.
  • Congenital anomalies of a structure, polyps and other good-quality new growths are the indication to expeditious treatment which is carried out with observance of the principles of esthetic medicine.
You can call to +7 499 348 2738 or The medical consultant will tell about all aspects of treatment in Germany .
Где найти какие отделения в клинике есть и цены на лечение?! К врачу только через консультанта записаться можно или есть где то почта/номер телефона клинки?! Где список документов нужных для оформления на лечение?! Или всё через разговор с...
​Юлия Антонович, 0 years
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Carl Gustav Carus University Hospital Dresden
The Carl Gustav Carus University Hospital Dresden, covers the entire spectrum of modern medicine. The Dresden University Clinic combines specialized hospital 21, 5 interdisciplinary centers and 3 institutes, in close cooperation with the clinical ...
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As a child I had an operation and has damaged the nasal septum. Now stolknulas the aggravation of respiratory diseases, tonsillitis, difficulty breathing. In the clinic, Boobage - helped me a lot to fix not only the wall, but with the help of rhinoplasty removed the hump now the spout is nice and smooth, all healed quickly came swelling. I Express my gratitude
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