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I chose this clinic because of a consummate technician, which can be counted on the fingers today, Martin Scholz. Diagnosis - desmoplastic melanoma. Now I feel well and happy that all went well. I chose this clinic, because I read a lot of...
Olga, 41 years
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The best doctors of Duisburg
Doctor  Mark Linert Mark Linert

A skilled surgeon, head of the Department of General, Visceral and Thoracic Surgery.

Doctor  Katya Pivit Katya Pivit

She specializes in reconstructive and aesthetic surgery of the breast and face.

Doctor  Christian Ryulander Christian Ryulander

A A leading specialist surgeon, head of department of orthopedics and traumatology.

Doctor  Torsten Rozenbaum Torsten Rozenbaum

He specializes in treating children with acute and chronic illnesses from birth to 18 years.

Doctor  Martin Sholts Martin Sholts

A talented neurosurgeon, head of neurosurgery department.

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