Ferdinand Kekerling Germany
Seniority 46 years , Doctor of Medicine, Professor ☺ 1 review $ Prices for treatments and diagnostics
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Ferdinand Kekerling

Doctor of Medicine, Professor
70 years / Seniority 46 years
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Our company is the official representative of the doctor Ferdinand Kekerling worldwide
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Head of the Department of General and Vascular Surgery.

Treat diseases

Ferdinand Kёkerling directs the Division of General and Vascular Surgery at the hospital in Spandau network of clinics "Vivantes". He is involved in the surgical treatment of cancer tumors, resection carries sarcoma, melanoma, and other soft tissue tumors.

is engaged in treatment of inflammation of the esophagus, stomach and mediastinal organs. He is a specialist in the field of Coloproctology, operates intestine in chronic, inflammatory and oncological ailments. Conducts removal of the stomach, appendicitis, inguinal hernias and postoperative, adrenal gland, gall bladder. The surgeon uses advanced minimally invasive techniques including endoscopy, laparoscopy and laparoscopic fundoplication. Also Ferdinand Kёkerling involved surgical treatment of patients with morbid obesity.

it is a famous inventor. He has developed a ring device for anastomosis, surgical suture clip, a special mesh to remove hernias and more. it is engaged in teaching, is chlenomredaktsii journal "Surgical Endoscopy».

Price for diagnostic and manipulations
170$ - 270$
Orthopedic Rehabilitation
Price request
80$ - 900$
Spinal Rehabilitation
Price request
from 300$
Second Opinion (Second medical opinion)
Price request
3000$ - 17000$
Minimally Invasive Surgery for Lung Resection
Price request
14000$ - 17000$
A Surgery to Remove Part of the Lung
Price request
Clinic reviews
In the medical center «Vivantes” I was operated for cancer of the lung, which in Russia was considered inoperable. However, I'm still alive, I am grateful to the doctors clinic. Periodically come for planned tests here, so here I am recovering from cancer, and in Russia – cancer patient in remission. It would seem, just words, mean a lot. 
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