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Thank's very much Dr. Alexandra Certu, which is literally gathered the pieces of my body after a serious car accident. The fact that I survived is a miracle. My family has already started to bid me farewell, as it was bad. And thank you to the...
Egor, 39 years
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The best doctors of Halle
Doctor  Wolfgang Marsh Wolfgang Marsh

A dermatologist specialist. Chief physician of the Department of Dermatology and Venereology.

Doctor  Ute Shtultreger Ute Shtultreger

A A leading specialist ophthalmologist, head of the department of ophthalmology.

Doctor  Mikhael Chirikov Mikhael Chirikov

A A leading specialist in gynecology, obstetrics and prenatal medicine. Head of the department of obstetrics and prenatal medicine.

Doctor  Khenning Dralle Khenning Dralle

A prominent surgeon, specializes in operations and in the field of endocrinology research, intestinal cancer and vascular medicine.

Doctor  Christoph Tomssen Christoph Tomssen

A A leading specialist gynecologist, mammolog, head of the department of gynecology and mammalogy.

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