Herman Joseph Girshik Germany
Seniority 41 years , Doctor of Medicine, Head of Pediatrics and Adolescent medicine clinics as part of the hospital "Vivantes Klinikum Friedrichshain" ☺ reviews $ Prices for treatments and diagnostics
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Our company is the official representative of the doctor Herman Joseph Girshik worldwide
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Herman Joseph Girshik

Doctor of Medicine, Head of Pediatrics and Adolescent medicine clinics as part of the hospital "Vivantes Klinikum Friedrichshain"
62 years / Seniority 41 years
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Our company is the official representative of the doctor Herman Joseph Girshik worldwide
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Dr. med. , Professor Hermann Josef Girshick, chief doctor of the clinic of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine as part of the hospital "Vivantes Klinikum Friedrichshain" Berlin

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One of the best professionals of its kind, Dr. Grishik loves his work day and night, it kind sympathetic heart is filled with joy at the fact that you can do in those complex cases that fall to the lot of the attending physician. Without losing optimism he makes sparkling humor in the House who has recently played in the yards and streets, houses and schools, and now because of the circumstances forced to stay in the hospital .. Professor, MD Josef Girshick has very extensive experience of working with children and adults, he is one of the A leading medical clinics, which in addition to German patients receives patients from all over the former Soviet Union. Due to this, its popularity is growing and becoming a European scale. Clinic which manages the professor is a specialized clinical institution in which study areas such as children's nephrology and urology, gastroenterology and complex disease of the immune system, including weakened immunity, and rheumatic diseases and hematology .

If the clinic is also possible to diagnose, maintain and receive delivery. Modern perinatal center at the Clinic of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine enables us to provide comprehensive care in the state of having qualified obstetricians, anesthesiologists, pediatricians. Good technical equipment of the center allows you to connect western technology with the experience of European medical practice. postnatal treatment methods (eg, gipotermiyai various consultations) make it possible to prevent or minimize the complications in childbirth and newborn birth trauma.

Berlin office of international clinical center « Vivantes » (Vivantes International Medicine) makes an invaluable contribution to finding a common language, accompanied by sick, immigrants, people who do not speak German. Through the center of activists solved chronic problems, held a world-class operation. Conducted expert advice of foreign patients suffering from severe chronic diseases, which allows the treatment and support to the patient's full recovery.

Thanks to a network of clinics combined efforts of many experts, formed clusters for processing, analyzing, diagnosing serious diseases and further rehabilitation. The clinic doctor Girshick diagnosis and treatment of patients with cardiovascular insufficiency, nephrology patients. Thanks to the ultrasonic diagnostic cardiac, abdominal, urinary, gastrointestinal endoscopy and respiratory tract enable rapid diagnosis and rule out surgery by experts in some cases. At the same time carried out an ECG, EEG and functional airway examination until the provocative test of functional gastrointestinal tract and tests for Helicobacter. In collaboration with the Institute of Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology also offers all the modern methods of diagnostic imaging, including PET-CT. All are approved for use in children. The interaction center staff of various medical fields, such as, between neurosurgery, otolaryngology, surgery of the musculoskeletal system, urology, abdominal surgery and pediatric surgery allows detailed diagnosis after developing the concept for the young patients of surgical treatment based on the latest scientific discoveries. which also leads to the successful work of the center's employees.

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