Mikhael van Kampen Germany
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Clinic Northwest
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Mikhael van Kampen

52 years / Seniority 30 years
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Place of work
Clinic Northwest
Our company is the official representative of the doctor Mikhael van Kampen worldwide
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Michael van Campen uses modern technology to treat tumors that allow irradiate tumors without harming healthy tissue. The head of department of radiation oncology.

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Achievements and Career

Dr Michael van Campen recognized expert in the field of radiation oncology. The head of the relevant department of the hospital, which annually hosts more than four exposures in patients with breast cancer, more than two hundred patients with prostate cancer and more than one hundred - with malignant tumors of the rectum. it works with stereotactic linear accelerator, ensuring the highest accuracy at the time of irradiating the product of events in cancer brain formations.


The scope of practice assistant professor Michael van Kampen enters treatment prostate cancer formations, upper respiratory tract, brain and gastrointestinal tract. it owns the procedure of chemotherapy and radiation therapy, including the combined type. it has the status of Doctor of Science.

The basic specialization:

  • Radiation therapy after surgery for malignant tumors of breast and lung;
  • combined radiation and chemotherapy of malignant tumors of the gastrointestinal tract and ENT field;
  • treatment of prostate cancer;
  • treatment of brain tumors
Clinic reviews
Now it is all over, but I can't believe that even half a year ago, I did not believe in positive outcome of treatment (there were 3 unsuccessful operation). But in this clinic, Dr. van Kampen has given me confidence in the future and give them strength to overcome the disease. Now breast cancer retreated, and hopefully will never return! Good thing there are experts in the world that help people in their difficult situations.
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