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I made in the clinic Neuwerk Maria von den Aposteln" ultrasonic endoscopy with fine-needle aspiration on the recommendation of friends. The doctor I liked, like Nicolas cage, only in age! But the doctor Dinko Berkovic definitely not an actor, and a...
Natalia, 34 years
Leading clinics in Menchengladbach
The best doctors of Menchengladbach
Doctor  Dinko Berkovich Dinko Berkovich

A senior physician in gastroenterology and internal medicine, specializing in the treatment of gastrointestinal diseases, cardiovascular, respiratory and other internal medicine.

Doctor  Wolfgang Muller Wolfgang Muller

Head of the Department of Pediatrics and the mother and child center, specializes in the treatment of childhood infectious diseases, oncology and orthopedic diseases.

Doctor  Ralph Dyurzelen Ralph Dyurzelen

A senior obstetrician-gynecologist, specializes in the treatment of gynecological diseases, as well as advice and assistance in preparing for childbirth.

Doctor  Stefan Sartorius Stefan Sartorius

A A leading specialist in anesthesia, resuscitation and intensive care.

Doctor  Otto Rollmann Otto Rollmann

Head of the Department of Radiology, specializes in the diagnosis and detection of cancer.

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