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The child, after childbirth, we found a small defect - a cleft lip. The disease is very rare and occurs in one newborn in 2,500 cases. To remedy the defect were required plastic surgery to suturing of the corner of his mouth. As the child was just a...
Elena, 32 years
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The best doctors of Munster
Doctor  Robert Rödl Robert Rödl

Robert Rödl - a worthy representative of its of the University of Muenster clinic. This is a highly qualified specialist in the field of pediatric orthopedics, it helps young patients cope with a variety of orthopedic ailments, as well as diseases of the joints and deformations.

Doctor  Sven Martens Sven Martens

Sven Martens - an eminent cardiac surgeon and specialist in the field of thoracic surgery. it works according to the latest standards in the treatment of pathologies of the heart and lungs.

Doctor  Yohannes Valtenberger Yohannes Valtenberger

Yohannes Valtenberger - a talented German cardiologist and Angiology, rightly considered a master of his craft.

Doctor  Thomas A. Luger Thomas A. Luger

Thomas A. Luger - an outstanding expert in the field of dermatology and veneralogii, one of the best doctors of the University of Muenster clinic.

Doctor  Ludwig Kiesel Ludwig Kiesel

Ludwig Kiesel - a professional gynecologist-obstetrician-skilled work including in the field of gynecologic oncology. Seeking an individual approach to patients.

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