Andzhay Nand Dzha India
Seniority 40 years , Head of the Institute of Neurology ☺ reviews $ Prices for treatments and diagnostics
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Andzhay Nand Dzha

Head of the Institute of Neurology
61 years / Seniority 40 years
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Our company is the official representative of the doctor Andzhay Nand Dzha worldwide
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A recognized expert in the field of surgical treatment of brain tumors.

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Career and achievements

Anjali Nand Jha - neurologist, director of the Neuroscience Institute of the largest medical center Medanta - The MediCity. The department employs the best neurologists country dealing with patients in adulthood and childhood.

Anjali Nand Jha one of the first countries to begin to apply the technology of magnetic resonance imaging for surgery when the tumor brain formations. Later, it began to use additional contrasting ALA dye, it is possible to achieve unique accuracy in removing tumors and improved efficiency in surgery of brain vessels.

He attaches great importance to quality education in Medanta clinic, he has been creating special medical training projects and scholarships to improve the quality of services provided. According to him, only modern equipment and trained team of experienced physicians are able to provide comprehensive care for patients clinic «Medanta».

He is actively developing in the clinic "Medanta" spine surgery trends and skull base endoscopic method, as well as neurovascular surgery.

Dr. Nand Jha was able to collect the medical center team of:

  • surgeons specializing in radio surgery and functional neurosurgery
  • radiosurgery,
  • surgery for brain tumors with magnetic resonance: specialists in sleep medicine, stroke, epilepsy
  • Specialization also works in his office diagnosis before surgery,
  • cerebrovascular surgery,
  • Stereotaxy,
  • surgery on the spine


  • Specialty surgical neurology - 1983 (UK);
  • University of Poona, Armed Forces Medical College - 1976 year ;
  • Lady Hardinage Medical College, University of Delhi - 1981 year ( India );
  • FRCS - 1987 (Edinburgh).
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