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Fortis Escort Hospital Delhi

➤ Fortis Escort Hospital Delhi ➤ Delhi, India ☺ 3 reviews $ Prices for treatments and diagnostics ✆ Make an appointment +7 499 348 2738
In the clinic, Fortis Vasant Kunj is designed with advanced technologies: robotics, laser surgery and others. The main areas of operation - General surgery, cardiology, Nephrology.
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Fortis Escort Hospital Delhi - India
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About clinic Fortis Escort Hospital Delhi

Fortis Hospital Vasant Kudzh is the largest private medical institution in India, which can accommodate 200 patients. The hospital belongs to a renowned network of Fortis, which is famous worldwide for the quality of diagnosis and treatment of various diseases. Medical center has a well-established tradition of delivering superior medical services for all citizens and for foreign tourists.

In it work with world renowned doctors with vast experience. In the clinic, Fortis Vasant Kudzh you will not find interns, the treatment produced only a professional doctor that will increase their skills in the best medical centers in America and Western Europe.

The Hospital has excellent technological equipment. In the work of the doctors use innovative techniques of laser and robotic surgery. Fortis Vasant Kudzh is one of the few medical cents over the world where you can perform bariatric surgery.

the Clinic Fortis Vasant Kudzh is a place where you can get rid of the disease in record time. Caring staff, professional doctor will be able to supply you with accurate diagnosis and prescribe early treatment. The speed of the process will help to reduce the duration of treatment and related costs.

the Largest hospitals network FORTIS KHELSKEA:

Clinic reviews
While visiting India this year, my child got very sick in the stomach! Thought at first from all the local unusual food, bought him medicine at the pharmacy. But the attack was repeated the next day! Decided to apply for insurance and the boy was taken to Fortis Vasant Kunj. We are very worried! The doctor said that Artem appendicitis and need surgery. Where to go, the operation had to be done urgently, every minute was on the account! Moreover, this centre was the best in India and here was the most modern equipment. We rely on experienced doctors. The operation lasted an hour and in the evening we saw our son. Two days later he was discharged and we happily went Home.
I worked in this clinic as an assistant surgeon on an exchange program experience. Clinic Fortis Vasant Kunj is known throughout the world and here is many complicated operations with the use of laser and robotic surgery. And I certainly was attracted by the country itself, where everything is so colorful and unusual! What can I say, this clinic is very decent and suitable not only for treatment, but also serves as a great place of rehabilitation, as there is excellent climate. If I come again, will come.
Was very surprised by the high quality service clinics Fortis Vasant Kunj in Delhi. The fact that my husband and I went to rest, when I was 8 months pregnant. Two days after arrival, I went into preterm labor and we went to the clinic. The hospital was large, spacious and comfortable. I put kapelice and spent therapy to stop delivery. As a result, in this hospital I stayed 3 days, looked after me like in the Princess and myself on the 3rd day felt great! I gave childbirth in the end, in Moscow at 39 weeks a healthy baby!
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