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Fortis Escort Hospital Jaipur

➤ Fortis Escort Hospital Jaipur ➤ Jaipur, India ☺ 3 reviews $ Prices for treatments and diagnostics ✆ Make an appointment +7 499 348 2738
Fortis Escorts hospital (Jaipur) provides quality health care at the European level, using advanced techniques and robotics. Talented doctors are treating patients with neurological, gynecological, orthopedic, Nephrology, urological and other diseases.
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Fortis Escort Hospital Jaipur - India
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About clinic Fortis Escort Hospital Jaipur

Fortis Escorts hospital (Jaipur) is a modern medical institution in the network is known throughout the world of network hospitals of Fortis. The hospital has a high quality of service that attracts to the treatment of patients not only from India but from all over the world.

the Doctor's clinic, Fortis Escorts hospital are highly skilled professionals with great practical experience. A large number of doctors graduated in the leading world universities. Systematically doctors raise their qualification level in the best hospitals of Europe and the USA, allowing them to apply the latest methods of diagnosis and treatment.

Medical centre Fortis Escorts hospital in Jaipur is equipped with the most modern technological equipment. The hospital used the latest MRI and CT scans. Thanks to a well-equipped operating rooms, surgeons are able to successfully produce a complex intervention.

the Experienced staff of the centre Fortis Escorts hospital cares about each patient, making his stay at the clinic comfortable. Used in the clinic comprehensive rehabilitation allows in record time to put on the legs of patients with complex pathologies. Hundreds of patients rated European level of service, efficiency of treatment and care doctors.

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Clinic reviews
For winter fishing I caught a bad cold, as though was dressed warm, but wet feet. Was sick after that for two weeks and thought everything went. But in the end hurt my men's health. I was embarrassed to be observing in Russia, so I decided to be treated abroad while on holiday. Went to India and filed for treatment at Fortis Escorts hospital Jaipur. Was there 2 months and I have successfully treated a prostatitis. Now I'm home and I have no more worries!
About this place found out my wife is from portal the Docklands. I had to install electronic epicardial pacemaker, and such an operation, alas, do not always, in view of its complex nature and the use of expensive modern equipment. I came to Fortis Escorts hospital, Jaipur in August this year on the operation and everything went well. In December, the food on re-examination, that the doctors made sure that everything in my body well!
While skiing, I unsuccessfully ran off the mountain. His arm was dislocated and severely bumped his knee. All this was then treated in the hospital, but knee pain remained. My orthopedic surgeon said I need surgery for knee replacement and I will do it in the order of two months! There is so much I could not wait, so the Internet was to seek information about the operation abroad. Found a couple of clinics with adequate price tag, one of which was Fortis Escorts hospital Jaipur. Came back after a week after collection of all documents and payment. All I did here is good and the clinic itself is very impressive. No complaints.
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