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Fortis Hospital Mohali

➤ Fortis Hospital Mohali ➤ Mohali, India ☺ 3 reviews $ Prices for treatments and diagnostics ✆ Make an appointment +7 499 348 2738
Main branches:
Oncology , Pediatrics
Fortis hospital Mohali is a multi — disciplinary clinic, which provide medical and surgical treatment of various ailments. Centre repeatedly confirmed its high status and have successfully passed accreditation.
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Fortis Hospital Mohali - India
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About clinic Fortis Hospital Mohali

Fortis hospital Mohali is a major medical center wide profile related to world-known network of Fortis. In the hospital use modern methods of diagnostics and treatment of diseases. Attentive and polite staff of the center helps to gain health for each patient.

the clinic Fortis hospital is staffed by professional doctors. Most of them are graduated from world famous universities. Doctors systematically improve their level of qualification in the best hospitals in Western Europe and the United States. In their work the specialists of the center successfully used minimally invasive surgical techniques that reduce the rehabilitation time of patients.

Hospital Fortis hospital in Mohali are equipped with modern equipment. The technical basis is updated each year, which allows doctors to successfully treat many diseases, including malignancy. Perfectly equipped operating room help surgeons to perform daily a large number of complex surgical interventions.

the clinic Fortis hospital used a comprehensive rehabilitation program that help to complete the treatment in record time. The hospital has a worldwide fame and attracts thousands of foreign patients.

the Largest hospitals network FORTIS KHELSKEA:

Clinic reviews
Thanks to the doctors clinic Fortis hospital Mohali successfully treated for osteogenic sarcoma. I removed it using the DaVinci robot, that is, with minimal interference, so I recovered after surgery for two weeks and went home with hope for the future. Re-examination I have in 2 months, but the doctors said I have overcome the disease as they came to treat it in initial stage.
After chronic pyelonephritis, one kidney was not functioning. I was treated with medication, but could not cope with the swelling. Then two kidneys have a bad run and the doctor said I would need a transplant. He advised me to the clinic Fortis hospital Mohali in India, where high-precision equipment for the operation. I immediately called them and after an hour and a half conversation through an interpreter with the surgeon of the clinic, arranged for the surgery. Came three days before it for tests and all I got here safely passed. Therefore, share experience!
After removal of a herniated disc, I had expert restoration to regain his mobility. The wife chose me clinic Fortis hospital Mohali, because in her opinion, in India the best work traditionally podiatrists. She was not mistaken, because here with me this therapy has held that after it is probably not even dead would have risen! Thank you for the excellent treatment and attentive care!
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