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Fortis Hospital Noida

➤ Fortis Hospital Noida ➤ Noida, India ☺ 3 reviews $ Prices for treatments and diagnostics ✆ Make an appointment +7 499 348 2738
Main branches:
Oncology , Orthopedics , Transplantology
Fortis hospital, Noida — a multi-disciplinary clinic. The center's specialists treat cancer, orthopedic, neurological and other diseases. Many doctors trained in the U.S. or Europe, use the most advanced methods of treatment.
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Fortis Hospital Noida - India
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About clinic Fortis Hospital Noida

Fortis hospital, Noida is a modern medical institution in India. The hospital is part of healthcare chain Fortis, renowned for its innovative and high-quality patient care. The hospital provides services to a wide profile.

Doctor clinic Fortis hospital are highly qualified professionals. All of them graduated from famous universities in the world, passed training and refresher training in the best medical institutions in India, Europe and the United States.

the Clinic has a powerful technological equipment. At the hospital, the Fortis hospital, Noida uses the latest MRI and CT scans, CyberKnife. Perfectly equipped operating room allows doctors to successfully perform even the most complex surgical intervention.

In Fortis hospital, each patient receives treatment of the highest level. Patients on the mend in record time, thanks to modern techniques of complex rehabilitation. Courteous and experienced staff cares about every client that makes staying in a medical facility even more comfortable.

the Largest hospitals network FORTIS KHELSKEA:

Clinic reviews
Thanks to the specialists from Fortis hospital, Noida for the timely assistance of my husband with a heart attack. We were sitting in a restaurant, he suddenly changed countenance, and began to settle on the floor. The ambulance arrived after half an hour and my husband was brought to the nearest clinic. Thanks to the excellent professional honey composition and good equipment, Yegor immediately brought to life and watched for a couple of days. Thank God, everything went well and he is healthy now!
Was broken arms repeatedly at the age of 15-17 years. After densitometry in the district hospital, I was told that there is a pronounced osteoporosis of spine, osteopenia of the femoral neck and forearm. Treatment saying that I'm too young, I'm only 21, and 30 all will be OK, I have not formed until the end. Said to eat more fish and drink calcium (or, alternatively, to dance with a tambourine around the campfire and pray to the gods - joke!). In the hospital I didn't. My mother's colleague as-that the insurance treating the spine in a multidisciplinary Fortis hospital Noida in India. My mom has issued a grant for medical treatment, covering half of the cost of treatment, and I now observed here. The analyses are still bad, but the treatment here used superior! I'm glad I'm here.
Choosing between treatment in Fortis hospital Noida and Institute of medicine Medanta in India. The result was to treat scoliosis of the 3rd degree in Fortis, as in the first package there was at a more attractive price, and secondly, my doctor for years before that trained in the U.S. to foreign colleagues. My treatment was 3 months and included a variety of treatments for spine straightening. Now the scoliosis is still there, but it is not as pronounced, my back stopped hurting at all!
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