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Fortis La Femme, Delhi

➤ Fortis La Femme, Delhi ➤ Delhi, India ☺ 3 reviews $ Prices for treatments and diagnostics ✆ Make an appointment +7 499 348 2738
Main branches:
Obstetrics and Gynecology
Clinic Fortis La Femme, new Delhi based on the belief that a woman is a special person with special needs. In the hospital do not only obstetrics and gynecology but cosmetic surgery, fetal medicine, neonatology and other medical areas.
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Fortis La Femme, Delhi - India
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About clinic Fortis La Femme, Delhi

Fortis La Femme, Delhi is one of the biggest clinics in India specializing in preserving women's health. The hospital has been operating since 2004 and during that time has gained many loyal customers. The clinic belongs to the world famous medical network of Fortis, which indicates the high quality of treatment.

In the medical centre, Fortis La Femme are highly qualified gynecologists, obstetricians, plastic surgeons, endocrinologists, mammalogy, and reproduction. A large number of doctors have diplomas of world famous universities. Regularly the hospital's doctors raise their qualification in the best clinics of the USA and Europe.

women's health Center Fortis La Femme in Delhi has a powerful technological equipment that is updated every year. Comfortable chambers allow patients of the hospital during the treatment feel as comfortable as possible. Beautifully appointed reception rooms of doctors and operational help the doctors to make an accurate diagnosis and successfully to produce even the most complicated surgical intervention.

the Clinic Fortis La Femme attracts patients not only from India but also foreign customers. High quality service, international standards of treatment, comfort and convenience – these principles are guided by the medical establishment in providing diagnostic and therapeutic services.

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Clinic reviews
Revealed a uterine myoma, then was operated in the best Moscow clinics. Said that the surgery went well and was discharged home. But pain after the operation were not and I decided to take the examination at Fortis La Femme, Delhi, in India, since I lived there sister and she highly recommended me this center. When I arrived, I was literally the plane was taken there because I am in pain doubled over. It turned out that Moscow doctors gave me a staph infection in the uterus during the surgery and I still have a month treated in Fortis to save my uterus. Here are our wonderful doctors!
Did here of plastic surgery to remove a huge scar from my C-section. I did a cesarean 20 years ago on the testimony and then did not very carefully, in the end, all this time I was very ashamed of my body. But I am very glad that after what I have experienced plastic surgeons from Fortis La Femme, new Delhi ( India) helped me and did everything very professionally! Now I have a smooth tummy.
With my husband we had not clarified the cause of infertility. Both healthy and young, but fertilization did not. I read that in Fortis La Femme, Delhi, a large percentage of successful IVF and also wanted to try my luck in this hospital. Arrived inspired and with great hope for the successful infusion of the embryo. After 4 months we managed to get pregnant, though the childbirth was premature at 35 weeks. But baby we turned out to be strong. Now grow up, eat my mother's milk and keep smiling!
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