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Modern multidisciplinary clinic Primus Super Specialty Hospital is very popular with foreign patients. The hospital has neurosurgery, reproductive, orthopedic, and many other offices.
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Specialist hospital
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Best doctors in selected clinic
Doctor  Surya Bkhan Surya Bkhan
He operated the President, Vice-President and Prime Minister of India
Doctor  Sandzhiv Bambani Sandzhiv Bambani
Specialist in the treatment of rare endocrine pathologies.
Doctor  Singkh Datinderdzhit Singkh Datinderdzhit
Surgical treatment of congenital and acquired defects of appearance.
Doctor  Ashok Dalyal Ashok Dalyal
A professional in the treatment of diseases of the digestive system and liver.
Doctor  Mridula Mekhta Mridula Mekhta
Specialist in the treatment of a wide range of ocular pathologies, including cancer and aesthetic.
About clinic Specialist hospital "Primus"

specialist hospital PRIMUS is a multidisciplinary medical institution, founded in 2007 and managed to gain high popularity among foreign patients. The complex was designed and built using advanced medical technology available in the world. The aim of the institution is to organize the maintenance of reference quality.

В специализированном госпитале ПРИМУС трудятся опытные врачи, получившее образование в передовых странах Америки и Европы. Клиника получила широкое признание благодаря компетентности специалистов, ультрасовременному оснащению и беспрецедентному лечебному сервису. Больница является лидером в отраслях ортопедии, нейрохирургии, отоларингологии, репродуктологии, нефрологии. И успех во многом завоеван благодаря навыкам местных врачей.
Специализированный госпиталь ПРИМУС оснащен высокотехнологичным оборудованием. Он постоянно пополняется инвентарем и инструментарием новых поколений.

In the hospital PRIMUS you will have a full cycle of medical services and your health will fight reputable doctors of India, recognized the world of medicine.

Clinic reviews
Came here for an operation to remove the gallbladder to the doctor Surya Bhanu as he was the best surgeon and was operated on even high-ranking politicians of the state. This calmed me internally, because also I had a strong heart arrhythmia and I needed a sound approach. Everything was well in the end and I should thank the Specialized hospital "Primus" for my successful treatment!
I had an abnormal bleeding during the menstrual cycle and I often went to the doctor on this issue. He told me that if no pain, then that's fine! Well, I went three months until she left with her husband on vacation in India. After a week on holiday I started a women's days and they were accompanied by a very sharp and twisting pain! Hated and I the ambulance went to a Specialized hospital "Primus". There I examined and took the tests. Two days later was diagnosed with uterine cancer! Prescribed treatment, which lasted a month. Said two months to come to a second examination. And while the tests stable.
The child was innate ugliness - cleft palate. We talked about it a doctor in the last stages of my pregnancy, so we've found an experienced doctor on this issue - Singh Datendatei Tully from the Specialized hospital "Primus". Brought the baby to the hospital when Maria was 3 months and the doctor did the surgery. Now the appearance of the daughter is gradually recovering. We are glad that we have addressed here!
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