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The Institute of medicine Medanta is one of the largest medical complexes in the country, where specialists are not only cure many diseases but also are engaged in research work. Many doctors here are professional development, as well as professors and doctors of science introduced in this Institute all sorts of innovations and latest technology.
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The Institute of medicine Medanta  - India
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Best doctors in selected clinic
Doctor  Naresh Trekhan Naresh Trekhan
A Cardiovascular and cardiothoracic surgeon with a world name.
Doctor  Tedzhinder Katariya Tedzhinder Katariya
A talented specialist in the field of radiosurgery and radiotherapy.
Doctor  Smita Dzheyn Smita Dzheyn
A well-known physician, specializes in the resolution of critical situations and intensive care patients
Doctor  S.S. Agarval S.S. Agarval
Dr. echocardiography, a specialist in non-invasive cardiology technologies.
Doctor  Yatin Mekhta Yatin Mekhta
A specialist in the field of emergency and cardiac anesthesia.
About clinic The Institute of medicine Medanta

Medanta Institute of medicine is the largest multidisciplinary clinic that not only treats all areas of health care, but also conducts research. Responsible for organizing the cardiac surgeon with a world-famous name — Dr. Naresh Trehan.

Since the Institute of medicine Medanta very high demands on the medical staff work here very highly qualified professionals. An excellent technical base and innovative diagnostic equipment allows local professionals to effectively treat cancer and cardiac diseases, to carry out complex operations at the highest level.

the Institute of medicine Medanta has a state of the art equipment — the CyberKnife VSI robot "Da Vinci", which allows to efficiently perform minimally invasive surgery, 256-layer computer tomograph, 4 linear accelerators, 3.0 Tesla MRI, PET CT, gamma camera, 3D and 4D ultrasound, digital x-rays etc.

treatment at the Medanta Institute of medicine meets international standards. The doctors are doing everything possible to restore health to their patients, and, according to the opinion of the latter, it at them turns out well.

several important figures in the Institute 45 operas blocks and 350 beds in the intensive care unit, 1250 beds in the hospital.

Clinic reviews
In Medanta hospital I was treated for breast cancer, or rather metastasis, which appeared 5 years after treatment in Russia. I decided that once at home I don't want to be treated, this is too hard, so they have options abroad. The Medanta Institute of medicine attracted me because it's not just a clinic and research center, which conducted the research, using the latest techniques. I was examined thoroughly, selected the most gentle and effective therapy (surgery and radiation). I did not write the review immediately, can be, and now I am jumping to conclusions, but 3 years of absence of recurrence give hope that the way it is. Most of the clinic I want to say only the kindest words: professional and friendly staff, excellent service, comfortable room. When you're there, do believe you have a case for you. For foreign patients there are special services: interpreters, curators, organization of transfers, accommodation for patients and relatives. The prices for treatment are much lower than in most European clinics.
Two years ago in Russia I was diagnosed with bone cancer, sarcoma. To be treated abroad, decided, chose India. It was the right decision, because the Institute of medicine Medanta I have found metastases, which have not seen the house, accordingly, treatment was more effective.
I was operated in the Institute of medicine Medanta cancer of the prostate. The operation is done using special equipment, the Da Vinci robot, he's the reason I actually went abroad. Recovered very quickly, back home. Now periodically examined so as not to miss a possible relapse.
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