The network of clinics of Manipal (Manipal Hospitals)

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The network of Manipal hospitals is one of the country's main diversified medical centers annually serves about two million patients from all over the world. Here you can expect high quality service, modern equipment that meets all medical standards, as well as experienced professionals in different fields of medicine.
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The network of clinics of Manipal (Manipal Hospitals) - India
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Best doctors in selected clinic
Doctor  Amar Prbkhudesay Amar Prbkhudesay
MD in the field of cardiology. Successfully conducting prevention, diagnosis and treatment of heart disease and blood vessels.
Doctor  Amol Ramesh Makhaldar Amol Ramesh Makhaldar
Urologist, nephrologist, has a doctorate. Specialist dialysis, kidney transplants.
Doctor  Balamuri Shrinivasan Balamuri Shrinivasan
A doctor specializing in heart surgery. Conducts angioplasty and stenting of the coronary arteries, open-heart surgery.
Doctor  Divya Amol Chandran Makhaldar Divya Amol Chandran Makhaldar
The cardiologist, anesthesiologist. Conducts preoperative preparation, anesthesia during surgery on the heart.
Doctor  Abkhay Khadke Abkhay Khadke
it is a specialist in the field of general and laparoscopic surgery. Conducts hernia repair, diagnostic laparoscopy.
About clinic The network of clinics of Manipal (Manipal Hospitals)

The Network of Manipal hospitals is a leading healthcare center of India, founded in 1953. The amount of work performed by its doctors, is one of the most impressive in the world: for the year here are treated more than two million patients from 120 countries.

Thanks to the coordinated work of a large number of highly specialized branches (3 clinics and 15 hospitals), in which every employee is responsible for specific medical events doctors can provide each patient by quality and timely treatment. In the network of Manipal hospitals are actively used methods of minimally invasive surgery, laser. Own laboratory allows the doctors at Manipal Hospitals to quickly put the correct diagnosis even in situations of mild symptoms.

There is no such disease, which would not be treated in Manipal hospital. Importantly, we care for the health of patients, but also about their comfort. The clinic has spacious single and double rooms, family rooms and Deluxe rooms.

Clinic reviews
I really liked how in Manipal Hospitals is organised. The house is very comfortable and cozy, helpful staff, has a special room for relatives. And there are no hidden charges the prices listed on the site, and those in the account, nothing more. I treated gynecological problems — after the inflammation is formed adhesions. I had surgery with laparoscopy, so after a week I was home.
In the clinic, Manipal I went to IVF. Russia had 2 unsuccessful attempts, I decided to try abroad, began to look for information and compare prices. Was surprised to find a lot of positive feedback about the Indian clinic, Manipal Hospital, that the prices are quite affordable, and the service and quality of medicine at a European level. Now I can confirm this. My trip was good, I finally got pregnant and has successfully given childbirth to.
When a friend advised me to go for treatment to India, I was astonished. On hearing some of the European clinics, in Israel, many go, but that's about India, I heard for the first time. It turned out, many of my friends with the same problems as me (urology) went to Manipal Hospital and successfully treated for very little money. I, too, went well, was operated and appointed effective treatment.
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