Adrian Shulman Israel
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Medical center Meir
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Adrian Shulman

53 years / Seniority 28 years
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Adrian Shulman is a specialist in the field of gynecology, hysteroscopy, infertility treatment and IVF. He took part in the foundation of extracorporeal clinics in Japan, Armenia, Ukraine and other countries.

Treat diseases

Professor Adrian Shulman - a highly qualified specialist, the main focus of which is to carry out insemination ekstraporalnogo

Education and Career

it got professional education at the Medical University of Jerusalem.. Improve their skills and worked in clinics Velkobritanii. Today Adrian Shulman teaches at the University of Tel Aviv, practicing in several medical institutions to implement the ECO. . Supervises department IVF clinic Meir

The main areas of practice

it works in the following areas:

  • the treatment of male and female infertility;
  • the treatment of infertility caused by endocrine disorders;
  • work ekstraporalnogo fertilization;
  • execution of hysteroscopy, etc.

Participation in Associations <. / h2>

Professor Adrian Shulman is the following professional societies:

  • research Society Israel infertility;
  • The association of obstetricians and gynecologists of Israel;
  • community embryology and human reproduction in Europe;
  • The American community of reproduction

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