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Bella Kaufman

58 years / Seniority 36 years
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Our company is the official representative of the doctor Bella Kaufman worldwide
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One of the A leading Israeli experts in the field of breast cancer treatment, specialized in the treatment of breast cancer, clinical radiotherapy.

Treat diseases

Bella Kaufman - an experienced qualified, reputable doctor and professor. Specialty Doctor focuses on the study and treatment of breast cancer. Today, the professor has served as the head of the relevant department in the medical center "Sheba" in Israel, and is the head of the clinic, which specializes in the treatment of malignant breast tumors.

Bella Kaufman, besides medical practice devotes much time to research activities, taking an active part in research and development of effective treatments for this debilitating disease. The professor has written more than 25 scientific papers, and has often been the co-author in the writing of textbooks. He is a member of various professional organizations, holder of the American Society of Clinical Oncology Award.

Research Issues

He takes part in organizing and conducting research on the breast cancer and the practical aspects of its treatment.

Professional activities

it occupies the post of head of the oncology department in the field of breast cancer treatment in the clinic of Sheba (Israel).

Membership Community / Participation

  • A member of the Israeli community of clinical oncologists and radiologists (ISCORT);.
  • Scientific Secretary of the Israeli organization of treatment for breast cancer

Scientific activities

< p> He is the author of more than 25 scientific articles and topics in the textbooks on medicine.
Price for diagnostic and manipulations
1100$ - 3000$
Cervical Biopsy
Price request
1300$ - 3200$
Lymph Node Biopsy
Price request
from 690$
Cancer Care Remote Consultation
Price request
from 450$
Second Opinion (Second medical opinion)
Price request
from 450$
Skype consultation
Price request
800$ - 3200$
Testicular Biopsy
Price request
6800$ - 24000$
Radiation Therapy
Price request
500$ - 1300$
Price request
5000$ - 6000$
Price request
15000$ - 15000$
Cyber ​​Knife (CyberKnife)
Price request
250$ - 2500$
Gastroscopy + biopsy
Price request
1300$ - 3000$
Prostate biopsy
Price request
Clinic reviews
Among my friends I'm not the first who sought treatment in the hospital. Chaim Sheba, and I think not the last. Everyone from the clinic was left only the best impressions, so we actively advise friends to go there with any problem, and I decided to write this review. When I was diagnosed with “breast cancer”, I began to consult with different doctors, with friends – where better to be treated? It turned out that in a circle of friends there are women who were treated in Russia and those abroad. I understand that the cases are different, but to me the more important emotional side of treatment, so the choice was obvious. The doctors also spoke openly: it is possible – go to Israel. The opportunity, fortunately, was, therefore, talking with different people, I chose the clinic Chaim Sheba.
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