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Large medical center offering a wide range of medical services of high quality in various fields of modern medicine.
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Hillel Yaffe Medical Center - Israel
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Best doctors in selected clinic
Doctor  Sabi Rodzher Sabi Rodzher
A person skilled in the field of orthopedics, head of orthopedic department.
Avraam Shoten
Abraham Shoten - a successful doctor, a specialist in the field of cardiovascular disease in women, is also head of the department of cardiology at the Medical Center Hillel-Yaffe.
Tsvi Fayerman
Professor Tsvi Faerman - talented gastroenterologist, who heads the Institute of Gastroenterology at the Medical Center Hillel Yaffe.
About clinic Hillel Yaffe Medical Center
Clinic reviews
After watching the deplorable results of a blepharoplasty from Russian would-be surgeons, I was really scared to trust them with my beauty! After talking on one of the forums with the girl, which was a very good result of this complex operation, she told me about a clinic where got plastic surgery - Medical center "Hillel-Yaffe" in Israel. I am also on the tip of her turned back and did not regret then nor how many! Made it all perfectly in the end!
Problems with the pancreas I started a year ago. Was often sick and as for some strange happened. I myself live in Israel, but for a couple of months come to Moscow to visit her daughter. Just Moscow doctor and to me have put such diagnosis. On arrival in Khader, I immediately ran to Zvi Fermano Medical center "Hillel-Yaffe" - where I constantly observed before. With the doctor this had long been familiar, and therefore his qualifications and professionalisme have no doubt! Now I'm better, but of course it is necessary to continue the treatment.
My wife was unsuccessfully treated for arthrosis of the shoulder joint, wasted precious 4 years on ineffective treatment. After that, I gave up and started looking for the clinic, wherever it really helped! Read about operation shoulder replacement. Many surgeons can do it, but Sabi Roger Medical center "Hillel-Yaffe" specialized in this for over 30 years. Now the wife was operated and the surgery she endured very well. This clinic has a very comfortable house, so she's now well after this intervention, for it to get better care. Now going to be a long period of rehabilitation.
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