Dina Ben-Yeuda Israel
Seniority 42 years , Professor, Head of Cardiology Clinic block ☺ reviews $ Prices for treatments and diagnostics
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Our company is the official representative of the doctor Dina Ben-Yeuda worldwide
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Dina Ben-Yeuda

Professor, Head of Cardiology Clinic block
63 years / Seniority 42 years
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Our company is the official representative of the doctor Dina Ben-Yeuda worldwide
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A specialist with a worldwide reputation in the field of hematology.

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In 1973, during the war between Israel and its Arab neighbors Dean benzene Yehuda took part in the fighting as a medic, during one of the fights made out of the crossfire wounded soldiers. For this merit was awarded for combat valor. She has received many awards for his teaching - "the lecturer of the year".

Academic experience:

Since the late 80s the instructor and then a lecturer School of Medicine. Since 1997 Professor of the Hebrew University Medical School

Education:. In 1980 she graduated from the Medical Faculty of the University of Beer- Sheva. Residency took place at the University Hospital "Hadassah Ein Kerem" in Jerusalem. He practiced in the field of internal medicine and hematology. She studied problems of clinical immunology at New York the center of cancer research.

In 1992, Professor Dina Ben-Yehuda set up laboratories for molecular tests to diagnose hematological diseases.

Today, Professor Ben- Yehuda headed hematology "Hadassah Ein Kerem" hospital unit, it includes the department of hematology and bone marrow transplantation, blood bank and neurooncology

it is an official consultant in hematology various public organizations and a member of the Israeli and international companies and organizations. The author of a large number of articles and publications

Owns:. in Hebrew and English

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