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Ieguda Shwarts

60 years / Seniority 39 years
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Our company is the official representative of the doctor Ieguda Shwarts worldwide
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Ieguda Schwartz - a world-class expert on lung diseases. Mastered specializations therapist and a pediatrician.

Treat diseases

Dr. Ieguda Schwartz - is an experienced specialist in the treatment of various lung diseases

Education and Career

Dr. Schwartz has received professional training in Argentina, the University of Buenos Aires. He trained in Ichilov Hospital. it took increasing its level in the United States. Today, it directs the Institute for lung Ichilov hospital.

Research work

Dr Ieguda Schwartz conducts research activities for the development of new methods of determining pulmonary pathologies profiles and their treatment. it involved in the development bronhostkopicheskoy navigation automated system to improve the definition of peripheral pulmonary diseases

Participation in Associations

it is in the following professional societies:.

  • Health community of Israel;
  • community doctors pediatricians Israel;
  • The company doctors pulmonologists Israel;
  • American Thoracic community;
  • The World Society bronchology < / li>
  • Bronchological European society;
  • Community bronchology America;
  • Community clinical Immunology and allergy Israel
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