Miri Noyfeld Israel
Seniority 37 years , Professor, Head f electroencephalography departments and Epileptology Neurology ☺ 4 reviews $ Prices for treatments and diagnostics
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Miri Noyfeld

Professor, Head f electroencephalography departments and Epileptology Neurology
57 years / Seniority 37 years
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Our company is the official representative of the doctor Miri Noyfeld worldwide
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Outstanding specialist in the treatment of epilepsy.

Treat diseases

Miri Neufeld - neurologist, epileptolog, professor, head of the department Epileptology and EEG neurological clinic center "Ichilov" (Israel)

Research Issues

Specialized in the early diagnosis of neurological diseases. . It identifies the genesis, course and form of epilepsy. Performs non-invasive research - EEG electroneuromyography, CT, MRI, nuclear magnetic tomography, ultrasonography of the brain vessels, PET, SPECT, EMG, myelography, etc.

Professional activities

Miri Neufeld. It is engaged in the conservative treatment of pathologies of the central and peripheral nervous system. In-depth studies the catalysts and the stage of development of neurological diseases. He takes an active part in the development of drugs for the treatment of epilepsy. Makes individual therapy programs and the prevention of epileptic seizures.


With honors graduated from the School of Medicine at Tel Aviv University in 1981, until 1983 passed residency. Fellow Mayo Clinic (USA) in the directions of EEG and EMG. MD, was awarded the title of Professor in 2008.

Membership in communities

Honorary member of the Israel Medical Association Israeli neuroscience community, neurophysiology and Epileptology, the American Neurological Association.

scientific activities

The author of over 170 scientific publications on topical issues of the treatment of epilepsy in patients of different age categories. He regularly participates in national and international scientific conferences. He teaches at Tel Aviv University.

Clinic reviews
My little niece was treated in the division of EEG studies and epilepsy of the Israeli Assuta hospital, which is headed by Professor Neufeld, Miri. I do not want to go into details of the treatment process, as we were all very upset by the illness of the little Sarah, but thanks God and doctors – neurologists of the clinic, our baby recovered.
I want to Express my gratitude to Dr – the neurology clinic Assuta first and foremost, Miri Neufeld, for the relief of my father, who for many years had epilepsy. He performed the surgery on neurostimulation of the brain, as a result of which his condition greatly improved and he now can even do without assistance. The operation was conducted under local anesthesia, which is important for the father because his heart is sick. By the way, the clinic we found on the Internet, it was not as dangerous as many think, and the prices are reasonable.
A couple of years ago my brother Alexander was in a car accident in which he sustained a head injury. After the end of treatment was that the brain injury was formed cicatricial changes, which led to epilepsy. The attacks happened sometimes several times a day. One of my acquaintances advised us to contact the clinic Assuta in Israel. Skype got in touch with Professor Miri Neufeld. After the examination we were offered resectional surgery to remove the lesion. The cost for the treatment is readily available. The results are very satisfied.
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