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In the clinic. Chaim Sheba we treated the grandson from leukemia. I chose this hospital, as the results for the treatment of leukemia in children is one of the best. I liked that everything is clear and worked out, I think the chemo is important. We...
Anna, 52 years
Leading clinics in Ramat Gan
The best doctors of Ramat Gan
Doctor  Iosef Shemesh Iosef Shemesh

One of the Directors of the Center of Cardiology Hospital. Chaim Sheba. He specializes in coronary insufficiency. He maintains an active research work in this industry has taught at the University, is the author of scientific articles.

Doctor  Rafael Katan Rafael Katan

President of the Oncology Service Shiba Hospital. Professor of the Department of Clinical Medicine at Tel Aviv University. A leading specialist in oncology gastroenterology .

Doctor  Avner Reshef Avner Reshef

Head of the Department of Allergy and Immunology, specializes in the treatment of skin, allergic diseases, and immunodeficiency disorders.

Doctor  Sofi Gurevich Sofi Gurevich

A leading practicing surgeon - gynecologist of Israel.

Doctor  Dan Aderka Dan Aderka

A specialist of international level in the field of treatment and therapy for colorectal cancer, cancer of intestinal diseases and neuroendocrine tumors.

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