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Ran Tur Kaspe

53 years / Seniority 28 years
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Prof. Ran Tur-Caspian - one of the world's A leading experts in the field of hepatology and a researcher in the field of viral hepatitis. Tur-Kaspa published his numerous scientific works in different countries.

Treat diseases

Professor Ran Tur Caspe professionally treats liver disease.

Education and Career

Dr Caspe received professional education at the Hebrew University. Today, it in charge of a division of liver diseases at the hospital Beylison. He has extensive experience in the treatment of many diseases Hepatitis.

Research activities

Professor Ran Tur Caspe conducts scientific activity in the Gastroenterological Department of the Albert Einstein Institute in New York. it has many scientific publications. Often speaks at international conferences on hepatology.

Academic Work

Doctors often invited well-known American clinics and research institutes as a visiting professor. He teaches at Bar-Ilan University. He was the founder of the Faculty of Medicine in the new Institute in Safed.

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