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Reuven Orn

63 years / Seniority 42 years
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Our company is the official representative of the doctor Reuven Orn worldwide
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Co-founder of bone marrow transplantation department at the hospital, "Hadassah" and collaborator of infrastructure to perform bone marrow transplantation for various diseases

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Reuven Or now directs the department of bone marrow transplantation, engaged in carrying out immunotherapy. Behind a huge professional experience in the field of hematology, as well as numerous scientific studies in the field of immunology. Also Professor Reuven Or was awarded the highest honor awarded to him the Israel Association of Physicians.

Today, in addition to the active scientific and specialist medical practice has been teaching. it is also a co-founder of separation tranplantatsii bone marrow, it took an active part in the development of infrastructure for conducting operations on bone marrow transplantation in the presence of various diseases.

Ongoing studies

engaged in scientific activities the study of ways to activate the immune system, as well as the mechanisms of stimulation and activation of donor stem cells by intracellular signaling pathways.

Professional activities

  • The head of the department of bone marrow transplantation and cancer immunotherapy in the hospital, "Hadassah»;
  • He founded the independent laboratory for the study of immune rehabilitation

Exams / Accreditations

it has been specialized in immunology at the University of Colorado, US.

Membership community / Participation
    < li> The Israeli and the American society of Hematology;
  • The Israeli Association of blood banks;
  • The American Academy of Allergy and Immunology.

Scientific activities

He has published about 40 scientific papers and has won numerous awards.

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75000$ - 100000$
Kidney Transplantation
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52700$ - 150000$
Bone Marrow Transplantation
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